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Get_out_the_voteDifference-making online advertising campaigns require innovative strategy, leading technology, careful planning and insightful analysis. ExactDrive’s Advertising Platform and strategic consultant team provides all four, making it easier for you to generate the results you want most. Retargeting coupled with dynamic ads is a very powerful combination. With that in mind we wanted to share with our readers a sample digital media plan that we recently created for a politically focused client.

Sample Media Plan

Campaign Details:

Our Voter Awareness and Get Out The Vote media proposal will incorporate several campaign strategies to help achieve our campaign objectives. It can be assumed that all strategies outlined in this media plan will be executed across standard desktop, mobile and tablet devices. Below are just a few of the individual campaigns we will run to support our 
overall cause:

• Proactive Voter Awareness - PreRoll Video, Search Retargeting, Domain Targeting, etc.
• Political Group Website Retargeting - Retargeting past visitors of AdvertisingClientXYZ.com
• Voter Awareness Micro-site Retargeting - Dynamic Messaging on where/how to vote
• Social Voter Awareness - Reaching potential republican voters on Facebook
• Early Voting - PreRoll, Retargeting (micro-site), Facebook, Domain/Search Keyword Targeting
• Get Out The Vote - PreRoll Video, Facebook, Domain Targeting, Retargeting, Search Retargeting, Mobile.
• Campaign details such as flight dates, budget, CPM/CPC rates and geographical targeting will be determined as defined by AdvertisingClientXYZ.com and ExactDrive.

Campaign Objectives:

• Increase the number of republican voters in the upcoming election season
• Increase the number of absentee ballot submissions
• Increase the number of republican voters statewide and swing counties
• Reach ‘lazy’ republican voters online through a proactive marketing campaign by driving potential voters to the voter awareness micro-site
• Leverage dynamic messaging strategy to “communicate” with lazy republican voters throughout the entire election season
• Develop unique audience segments and communicate on a one-to-one basis with potential voters

Campaign Strategies:

• Retargeting with Dynamic Messaging
• Email Retargeting
Categorical Targeting
• PreRoll Video Advertising
• Facebook Advertising
• Mobile Advertising
• Search Keyword Retargeting
• Advanced Geographic Targeting

Retargeting Strategies

Recommendation Overview:

Online Retargeting is one of the most cost effective and can be one of the best strategies to use to convert site abandoner’s or lost prospects. In order to drive prospects to vote, we need to reach them at multiple touch-points throughout the election season. To achieve this we recommend a sophisticated online retargeting strategy with dynamic messaging.

Site Retargeting

• Ads will be served to past visitors of the Voter Awareness Micro-site with banner messaging informing them of the importance of voting, how to vote early and Get Out The Vote reminders on election day.

• The Voter Awareness Micro-site will serve as our “Store Front” to communicate and educate potential republican voters.

• Online retargeting efforts will be designed to communicate on a one-to-one basis with potential republican voters.

Custom Audience Segmentation

Sophisticated online retargeting starts with advanced audience segmentation. Our goal is to reach potential voters and inform them of the importance of voting as well as where/how to vote. As mentioned above, our new voter awareness micro-site is designed to educate potential voters on everything they need to about the upcoming election/voting season and ExactDrive’s goal is to leverage this micro-site to develop unique audience segments to retarget to.

By placing a dynamic retargeting pixel, ExactDrive will be able to identify each potential voter (site visitor) uniquely and will be able to capture detailed information on which content they have engaged with. This will allow us to retarget to each user on a one-to-one basis with messaging that is most applicable to them about the upcoming election. Leveraging the micro-site we will create unique audience segments like:

• Those interested in Absentee Voting
• Engaged users who want to vote in person
• Engaged Republicans
• Email Sign-ups
• Social Promoters

Reach your customers with Dynamic Display Ads


Make Every Impression Count: Every customer is unique; so don’t waste impressions with “one size fits all” ads. Our dynamic display ad technology shows ads that are personalized in real time to match each customer’s stage in the customer acquisition life cycle.

Retarget lost visitors with custom-tailored ads: Convert lost website visitors into customers. Dynamic retargeting brings visitors back by serving relative or information that match what they were looking for.

Keep your ads fresh: Once your dynamic display ads are launched, they’ll automatically stay up-to-date based on which step each user is during the customer acquisition life cycle. Check out a couple great looking sample dynamic ads.

Dynamic Banner Messaging:

Personalized Dynamic Ads

The era of “one size fits all” ad creative is over. With dynamic display ads, every ad is personalized in real time with the best possible product, offer, or message. In this case, it is imperative that we reach “lazy” republican voters with the right message at the right time to ensure that they are educated on the importance of voting and where/how to vote in this upcoming election.

Dynamic Ads will allow us to:

• Create a branded “Republican Party of XYZ State” customized banner template
• Deliver customized messaging to potential voters multiple times throughout the election season
• Each banner will be able to have custom message for the following:
- Main Headline Message
- Secondary Headline Message
- Image (if applicable)
- Call to Action (i.e. Vote Now, Don’t forget to Vote, Submit your Ballot)
• Banner Sizes: 728x90, 300x250, 160x600, 300x600 & 300x50
• Dynamically swap out geographical content such as:
- County or City Information
- Polling Station Location

Dynamic Messaging:

Through our advanced segmentation on the voter awareness micro-site, we will be able to reach potential voters on an individual level with specific messaging that is most relevant to them.

Dynamic messaging will be designed to complement the micro-site and serve as an audience extension with potential voters after they leave the micro-site. Messaging will all initiatives that are incorporated in the website such as:

• Importance to Voting
• Where to Vote
• How to Vote Early
• Absentee Ballot
• Absentee Ballot Submission
• Polling Station Look-up
• Election Day - Vote Today
• Geographical Info
• Polling Station Location

Email Retargeting:

• Ads will be served to users who engage or open any email communication from the republican party.

• Depending on the Email’s intent & content, these ads will have tailored and personalized messaging encouraging users of the importance of voting.

• Ability to generate unique audience segments from those who engaged with an Email vs. those who did not, allowing us to segment these users.

Facebook Exchange Retargeting:

• ExactDrive’s Retargeting component extends into the Facebook Exchange; Ads will be served to past visitors or lost prospects on the Facebook Newsfeed and Right-Hand side of Facebook encouraging them to complete the lead submission process.

• The Facebook retargeting efforts will leverage our RTB capabilities, allowing us leverage the world’s largest social media platform and prestigious Facebook.com domain at the lowest possible cost.

• We can serve ads with messaging encouraging users to convert, like a Facebook page and/or educate users on the importance of voting.

Mobile & Tablet Retargeting:

• To maximize reach, we feel that it is necessary to extend your reach by incorporating a Mobile Advertising component.

• In order to keep you top of mind during the decision-making process, it is very important to reach your target consumers across all devices, not just desktop.

• With time spent on mobile devices continuing to grow, incorporating a mobile strategy will allow us to reach the target audience while they are interacting with a Mobile device.

• With time spent on mobile devices continuing to grow, incorporating a mobile strategy will allow us to reach the target audience while they are interacting with a Mobile device.

• This mobile strategy allows us to extend our Facebook retargeting efforts as well by reaching users on the Facebook App on their mobile or tablet devices.

PreRoll Video Advertising:

Increase Engagement and capture the attention of your target audience through High Impact Video Advertising. Online video has been an increasingly more common and powerful way engage the public and as a result video advertising has been utilized more frequently. In our connected World users are watching videos across a number of devices, primarily fragmented across computers, smart phones and tablets.

We recommend leveraging PreRoll video advertising to reach potential “lazy” republican voters to remind them to “Get Out The Vote” but also to educate potential voters on topical issues and candidates to consider.

• Ideal for videos of 0:15- and 0:30-second lengths

• Incorporate companion banners to replicate a “takeover experience”

Site Domain Targeting:

Targeting specific domains is an effective method of reaching an audience more receptive to your message and more likely to act on a call to action. The key is to target domains that fit the profile of the target audience, have proven to provide results for previous campaigns or have been identified during research.

On a tactical note, an ‘include’ domain list can serve as an ‘exclude’ domain list for complementary targeting components such as categorical and ensures these high value properties messaged with one targeting component for maximum control.

Domains relevant for this campaign are:

• Republican/Conservative news
• Political news
• Local news sites in favorable geos

Search Keyword Retargeting:

This targeting component can uncover broad or narrow audiences by placing creative on pages that fit a keyword/topical profile defined by AdvertisingClientXYZ.com and ExactDrive.

Examples of keywords and topics that can drive a ‘Get Out The Vote’ campaign:

• Republican party candidates
• ‘Polling station’ related keywords
• Republican Party related keywords
• Topical Issues related to this election

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Tim Nichols

Written by Tim Nichols

Tim Nichols is a founding partner at ExactDrive, a digital media buying agency with white label, reseller and managed service options available. ExactDrive plans, manages, and optimizes online advertising campaigns with the objective of delivering measurable value and empowering clients to find precisely targeted audiences. ExactDrive has offices in Minneapolis, MN and Milwaukee, WI.

Tim Nichols is also a contributing author on Forbes.com.