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Programmatically reach display placements across 10s of thousands of domains on desktops, phones, and tablets. Choose specific sites or let us find the best location. Refine your approach using demographic targeting that places online banner advertising on sites your targets visit most often. Then, customize geographically by country, state, city, DMA, ZIP code or congressional district. Download ExactDrive Overview.


Connected TV is a component of the "digitally transforming" environment that we live in today. Target any kind of home entertainment device, from a smart TV to a PlayStation or Xbox, that connects to the internet. Unlike your standard TV, these next-generation entertainment devices offer a new way for customers to consume information, through things like streaming services and on-demand content. 


Capture the attention of your target audience through high impact video advertising.  Reach your target audience on instream and outstream inventory or leverage our in-banner capabilities. Videos play before, during or after hosted video content on a domain and provide a high level of user engagement.


The move to audio programmatic advertising comes at a time when the industry is seeing a significant shift in audio advertising techniques. Audio advertising is fraud protected, works well on mobile and in terms of reach is beginning to rival TV ads. Contact us to get your ads on Spotify, podcasts, internet radio, and more.


Reach your target audience regardless what device they are on by incorporating a mobile advertising strategy. Target users by behavior, geography, content or even by a specific mobile device. No one can deny the world is transitioning towards a heavier usage of mobile devices. Use mobile-specific creative sizes to gain access to applications and device-optimized websites.


Retargeting drives potential customers back to your website by targeting users who have previously visited your website but didn’t make a purchase or take a desired action. Developing a solid retargeting approach is a simple and effective way to increase audience engagement, build brand awareness and boost customer acquisition.


Blend in with the content. Native ads match the function and form of the platform on which they appears. Although the definition may not be straight forward, there's no denying that native advertisements worrks. With native advertising, you could start to get the boost in traffic that you need for brand recognition, improved profits, and increased chances of success.


If you want to reach voters or gain maximize exposure for an issue, online advertising has the targeting capabilities to help goals be met and exceeded. ExactDrive provides professional creative design, specific voter targeting, detailed analytics, flexibility to adjust campaigns on a dime and a very successful track record on local, state, and presidential levels.


Do you know exactly which people are likely to prefer your brand? Do you know when, where and how often they go online? Behavioral targeting combines proprietary and third-party data sources to predict the precise locations where your brand and your target audience will intersect. Tips: Combine segments using boolean logic, factor in data costs into CPM and keep testing and refining your approach.


Category targeting places display advertisements on websites that are categorically relevant to your industry and customers’ interests. It's the first cousin to behavioral targeting and another critical tool to put in your online advertising toolbox. ExactDrive defines its available inventory (websites) into main categories and sub-level categories, following the categorical breakdown of the Interactive Advertising Bureau.


Contextual targeting uses keyword lists to match your campaigns to relevant webpages. Create your own keyword list or use ours. Standard pre-made lists have been optimized for performance and include brand-safety features. Each category has sub-lists that can be individually targeted. Custom lists allow for brand-specific keywords. Tips: Contain enough keywords to match with available inventory, do not include phrases of more than 3 words, as they can make the segment too general and avoid duplicate keywords and phrases.


Access and white label real-time analytics with ExactDrive's reporting dashboard solution. Take a look at real-time data on your campaigns at any time. Customize your reporting dashboard to your liking. Use our creative reporting dashboard to A/B test your creative sets. Reporting dashboards are crucial for centralizing media buying data, so you can easily monitor and generate business insights. By providing an overview of the most important metrics, data-driven decision making is easily allowed.

Gain Control.

Founded in 2011, ExactDrive is a data-driven digital media buying and planning agency. We’re always on the lookout for motivated ad agencies and businesses with a growth and improvement mindset. The more successful you are, the better your business will grow and ExactDrive is here to help.

ExactDrive works best when paired up with an ad agency or business that is looking to optimize and enhance its service offering and campaign performance. It's important to us not just how much you spend, but where your money goes - we love diversifying our efforts across various digital media channels to maximize return on ad spend.

Whether you want to raise awareness, incite action or open new channels, ExactDrive works behind the scene to deliver results so you can focus on operational imperatives. As a result, we become extensions to your daily ad operations and can be trusted with any digital media need because deep knowledge is always at hand.

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