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Get Familiar With Categorical Targeting

Category targeting places display advertisements on websites that are categorically relevant to your industry and customers’ interests. It's the first cousin to behavioral targeting and another critical tool to put in your online advertising toolbox.

Available Categories

ExactDrive defines its available inventory (websites) into main categories and sub-level categories, following the categorical breakdown of the Interactive Advertising Bureau. Any categories (main or sub-level) can be included or excluded together within a campaign Examples include entertainment, technology, health and travel.

Arts & Entertainment: Entertainment Industry, Offbeat, Fun & Trivia, Comics & Animation, Music, Visual Art & Design, Celebrity News, Movies, TV & Video, Humor, Radio, Nightlife Events, Performing Arts

Autos & Vehicles: Boats & Watercraft, Locomotives and Trains, Hybrid & Alternative Vehicles, Trucks & SUVs, Bicycles, Automotive Technology, Performance Vehicles, Scooters & Mopeds, Vehicle Parts & Accessories, Commercial Vehicles, Personal Aircraft, Vehicle Maintenance, Classic Vehicles, Off-Road Vehicles, Concept Vehicles, Campers & RVs, Motorcycles, Vehicle Brands

Beauty & Personal Care: Skin Care, Weight Loss, Cosmetology, Spas & Beauty Services, Cosmetic Procedures, Hair Care, Body Art & Tattoos, Fitness, Beauty Pageants, Fashion & Style

Books & Literature: Magazines, Classic Literature, Fan Fiction, E-Books, Writers Resources, Children's Literature, Poetry, Book Retailers

Business & Industry: Jobs, Agriculture & Forestry, Small Business, Directories, International Business, Aerospace & Defense, Retail Trade, Business Services, Opportunities, Advertising & Marketing, Professional & Trade Associations, Business Operations, Hospitality Industry, Printing & Publishing, Business Education, Energy & Utilities, Pharmaceuticals & Biotech, Automotive Industry, Transportation & Logistics, Intellectual Property

Computers & Electronics: Networking, Computer Security, Hardware, Cell Phones, PDAs, Home Theater, TV, Audio Players and Systems, Game Systems, Software, Consumer Electronics, Cameras and Camcorders, Enterprise Technology, Programming, Electronics & Electrical

Education: Childhood Education, Instructional Technology, Continuing Education, College and University

Finance: Credit & Lending, Investing, Banking, Insurance, Accounting & Auditing, Grants & Financial Assistance, Taxes, Financial Planning, Retirement & Pension, Currencies & Foreign Exchange, Mortgages and Loans

Food & Drink: Cooking & Recipes, Candy & Sweets, Vegetarian, Vegan, Alcoholic Beverages, Restaurants, Non-Alcoholic Beverages, Grocery & Food Retailers

Games: Arcade & Coin-Op Games, Gambling, Table Games, Computer & Video Games, Cheats & Walkthroughs, Roleplaying Games, Children's Games & Activities, Puzzles & Brainteasers, Card Games, Party Games, Board Games, Online Games

Health: Aging & Geriatrics, Reproductive Health, Medical Devices & Equipment, Nursing, Public Health, Health Foundations & Medical Research, Mental Health, Pharmacy, Health Education & Medical Training, Women's Health, Men's Health, Pediatrics, Health Conditions, Vision Care, Medical Literature & Resources, Oral & Dental Care, Alternative & Natural Medicine, Substance Abuse, Medical Facilities & Services, Nutrition

Home & Garden: Home Furnishings, Yard & Patio, Home Appliances, Swimming Pools & Spas, Gardening & Landscaping, Pest Control, Domestic Services, Kitchen & Dining, Bed & Bath, Home Improvement

Internet & Telecom: Service Providers, Web Design, Search Engines, Web Portals, Mobile & Wireless, Web Apps & Online Tools, Email & Messaging, VOIP & Internet Telephony, Culture, Teleconferencing

Law & Government: Military, Legal, Social Services, Public Safety

Lifestyles: Seniors & Retirement, Ethnic & Identity Groups, Religion & Belief, Women's Interests, Disabled & Special Needs, Men's Interests, Subcultures & Niche Interests, Kids & Teens, Social Sciences, Genealogy, Social Issues & Advocacy, Family & Relationships

News: World News, Local News, Health News, Weather, Business News, Technology News, Broadcast & Network News, Sports News, Politics, Journalism & News Industry

Online Communities: Online Goodies, Forum & Chat Providers, File Sharing & Hosting, Virtual Worlds, Dating & Personals, Social Networks, Blogging Resources & Services, Photo & Video Sharing, Online Journals & Personal Sites

Pets & Animals: Animal Products & Services, Wildlife, Pets

Real Estate: Property Development, Timeshares & Vacation Properties, Commercial & Investment Real Estate, Real Estate Listings, Apartments & Residential Rentals, Real Estate Agencies, Property Management, Property Inspections & Appraisals

Recreation: Crafts, Special Occasions, Clubs & Organizations, Recreational Aviation, Radio Control & Modeling, Paintball, Outdoors, Water Activities

Reference & Language: General Reference, Technical Reference, Libraries & Museums, Language Resources, Humanities, Geographic Reference

Science: Scientific Institutions, Earth Sciences, Physics, Computer Science, Medical Science, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biological Sciences, Engineering & Technology, Space Science, Astronomy, Ecology & Environment

Shopping: Free Stuff, Auctions, Retail Stores, Gifts & Special Event Items, Wholesalers & Liquidators, Footwear, Apparel, Office Supplies, Customer Services, Car Shopping, Swap Meets & Outdoor Markets, Antiques & Collectibles, Music, Books, Videos, Games, Coupons & Discount Offers, Toys, Shopping Portals & Search Engines, Accessories, Home and Garden, Consumer Affairs & Product Reviews, Tobacco Products, Photo & Video Services, Health and Beauty, Classifieds, Sporting Goods, Luxury Goods

Sports: College, Table Sports, Football, Olympics, Boxing, Strength Sports, Extreme Sports, Wrestling, Motor Sports, Bowling, Soccer, Equestrian, Winter Sports, Martial Arts, Boating, Racquet Sports, Cycling, Weight Lifting, Hockey, Basketball, Precision Sports, Cricket, Water Sports, Golf, Baseball, Outdoors

Travel: Travel Guides & Travelogues, Air Travel, Hotels & Accommodations, Travel Agencies & Services, Cruises & Charters, Tourist Destinations, Car Rental & Taxi Services, Transportation, Bus & Rail, Museums and Galleries, Amusement and Theme Parks, Luggage & Travel Accessories
World Localities: Middle East, Latin America, Europe, Polar Regions, Asia, Oceania, Africa, North America

Gain Control.

Founded in 2011, ExactDrive is a data-driven digital media buying and planning agency. We’re always on the lookout for motivated ad agencies and businesses with a growth and improvement mindset. The more successful you are, the better your business will grow and ExactDrive is here to help.

ExactDrive works best when paired up with an ad agency or business that is looking to optimize and enhance its service offering and campaign performance. It's important to us not just how much you spend, but where your money goes - we love diversifying our efforts across various digital media channels to maximize return on ad spend.

Whether you want to raise awareness, incite action or open new channels, ExactDrive works behind the scene to deliver results so you can focus on operational imperatives. As a result, we become extensions to your daily ad operations and can be trusted with any digital media need because deep knowledge is always at hand.

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