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FOX Broadcasting Company logo

FOX.com, a major television network, worked with ExactDrive to increase awareness of a syndicated TV crime procedural among age- and gender-specific cable viewers in two DMAs. The network needed the digital online campaign to run concurrently with TV and radio spots, following a specific schedule for four weeks with a goal of three million impressions per market. By combining in-market consumer data with audience forecasting technology to identify websites with the highest composite index of targeted viewers in the desired DMAs. Learn More.


Heidi Hat is an eco-friendly athletic hat and bottoms retail company located in Aspen, Colorado that offers a wide range of apparel for an active, healthy lifestyle. Thriving sportwear line expands customer reach on the Internet with real-time dynamic display ads. Personalized retargeting and dynamic display ads work together to produce higher click rates & better conversions. Combining dynamic ads with real-time retargeting proved to be the leading solution for Heidi Hat. Dynamic display ads automatically adapt to the person seeing the advertisement. Learn More.


Retailer, HomeDepot, needed to maximize brand exposure over Black Friday. Home Depot is a retailer of home improvement and construction products and services. It operates many stores across the United States, all ten provinces of Canada and Mexico. the object was simple: to get consumers to buy Home Depot items for Christmas at this early opportunity and, if not, put their items and deals in people’s minds ahead of the Christmas rush. What this task actually meant was generating massive brand exposure & advertising ‘Black Friday’ sale items. Learn More.

jetBlue logo

JetBlue offers flights to dozens of destinations, while specializing in delivering flights that combine value for money with an award-winning service. JetBlue increased flights booked from JFK Airport to the Dominican Republic using ExactDrive's precise ad banner placements and personalized retargeting, working together to produce higher click rates and better conversions. The objective was to increase the number of booked airline flights from JFK airport to Santo Domingo. Booked either separately or as a package, the flight had to be from one of two vacation packages part of one of the highly desired JetBlue GETAWAYS Deals. Learn More.

Freedom club PAC logo

Large GOP PAC, Freedom Club, uses works with ExactDrive and their digital media advertising services to retake majority.. The Freedom Club aims to restore just and limited government, while preserving economic prosperity for all. Our membership consists of CEO’s, business owners, attorneys, accountants, entrepreneurs, bankers, civic leaders and more. We all share the common desire to make Minnesota and the United States the best place to live, work and raise a family for our generation and many more to come. The ExactDrive team worked closely with the Freedom Club State PAC to identify the target audiences in all 24 districts. Learn More.

Pricegrabber logo

Leading comparison shopping site, PriceGrabber.com, finds success retargeting lost visitors with dynamic ads. Combining dynamic ads and retargeting reroutes casual visitors, transforming them into loyal customers. First, precise analytical modeling that helps determine ad placement. Second, retargeting program precisely targets users who visit PriceGrabber.com but don't successfully engage with a product or service. Third, dynamic display advertisement technology that shows ads personalized in real time to match each customer's interests and past viewing experiences, and to avoid displaying "one size fits all" ads. Learn More.


SheKnows is an award-winning women’s media platform and a top lifestyle site with a network including millions of unique monthly visitors. The leading lifestyle website and women's media platform seeks to increase new visitor acquisition by using personalized retargeting and dynamic display ads working together to produce higher click rates. ExactDrive's content driven dynamic ads were designed to attract engagement and clicks based on the merits of SheKnows’ content instead of using splashy animations and gimmicky ad copies. By leveraging existing RSS feeds, SheKnows was not required to do any integration work. Learn More.

Travel Leaders logo

Travel Leaders, a top-tier travel company boosts traffic and reduces acquisition costs. As the largest franchised travel agency network in the U.S., Travel Leaders has enhanced the experiences of millions of travelers. The company manages business travel for companies of all sizes as well as individuals and groups. Travel Leaders came to ExactDrive because the company needed to bring more targeted visitors to its travel offer and agent landing pages. Two measurable goals were to increase deep-link page views on the Travel Leaders website and increase sign-up requests for travel agent assistance. Learn More.

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