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JetBlue's GETAWAYS Deals


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Company: JetBlue (www.jetblue.com)

The travel industry is a lucrative, but highly competitive market. There are only so many customers, only so many deals and only so many peak holiday times in the year. Businesses like JetBlue have to maximize their revenue during these periods.

We were tasked with coming up with a 6-week campaign that focused on JetBlue’s offers to the Dominican Republic and, specifically, we were to target people living in New York City. The campaign was to run alongside the holiday offers in question.

This campaign had three elements to it. We needed to increase the exposure of the JetBlue brand so that it could become stronger and more resistant to all the online competition.

We also had to immerse ourselves in the travel industry, plan an effective campaign and look at where our strategies would be most effective. We planned what worked for this audience in meticulous detail.

And lastly, we were to target people who had previously visited the JetBlue website, or had previously clicked through to the site from a banner advertisement.

Campaign Challenges

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Our objective was to increase the number of booked airline flights from JFK airport (out of New York City) to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. Booked either separately or as a package, the flight had to be from one of two vacation packages part of one of JetBlue's GETAWAYS Deals (to La Romana or Saman).


Over 6 million New York City residents saw JetBlue advertisements over the lifetime of the campaign. As a result, we generated nearly 75,000 impressions on the JetBlue website. This consisted of banner ad work that had a click-through rate that was 2.2x higher than the industry average.

Importantly, the conversion rate from all these leads was 2.6x higher than similar campaigns that had previously been run.


Travel Industry


JetBlue is a company that offers flights to over 80 destinations, but they specialize in delivering flights that combine value for money with an award-winning service.

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