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Dynamic Ads Reach Your Customers In Real-Time.

Target your customers with pinpoint accuracy. We find your customers online and use advanced analytics, dynamic ads and accurate advertisement targeting methods to show the right ads to the right people at the right times. Learn More.

Targeting options include:

  • Retargeting
  • Contextual & Keyword
  • Location & Geography
  • Income
  • Weather
  • Behavioral
  • Interests
  • Website topic
  • Industry
  • Gender
  • Time of day
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Sell your whole inventory from a single dynamic ad.

Personalized dynamic ads are created in real-time for each customer. Every potential customer sees the right dynamic ad at the right time. Check out some example dynamic ads.


Make every impression count

Every customer is unique, so don't waste impressions with "one size fits all" ads. Our dynamic ad technology shows ads that are personalized in real time to match each customer's interests.

Retarget lost visitors with customized dynamic ads

Convert lost website visitors into customers. Dynamic retargeting brings visitors back with offers & deals that match what they were looking for.

Keep your advertisements fresh

Once your dynamic ads are launched, they'll automatically stay up-to-date with your latest products & offers.

Dynamic Ads, Your products & offers; Real-time automation; Personalized ads

High-performance campaigns for any industry.

Get beyond the typical approach with ExactDrive. We combine unprecedented pricing control with ultra-precise targeting to combat the rise in audience and inventory fragmentation.

Travel & Leisure

Travel & Leisure

Promote the latest offers, pricing & availability. Increase brand awareness

Local / SMB / Daily Deals

Local / SMB / Daily Deals

Channel the right deals to the right customers with geographic & demographic targeting.

Real Estate

Real Estate

Show home buyers nearby listings & photos right within each dynamic ad.



Retarget lost site visitors with the precise products & categories they browsed.

Learn how dynamic ads could work for your industry.

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3 Ways Dynamic Ads Are Reshaping Online Advertising

Over the years, the world of advertisement design has come a long way, from one-creative-fits-all solutions, to templates for more personalized creative, to automated platforms for consistent, dynamic advertising. Before we can begin to explore the ways that dynamic ads are reshaping the world of online advertising, it's important to understand what dynamic displays ads are and how to use them effectively.

Dynamic ads are a customized and unique creative type that connects site visitors to products that they previously viewed on your site, or connect them to information that is more relevant to their needs. The concept of dynamic creative blends the power of technology and data, with the artistic creativity of people, to produce an incredibly effective and personalized way of interacting with a potential audience.

How Do Dynamic Ads Work

In simple terms, dynamic display advertising works when a potential customer views or starts a search on a product, keyword, or phrase, and begins to make selections based on features such as color, price or size. The more a potential customer indicates their preferences regarding a product, the more the advertisement directed towards them will be personalized and adjusted according to their behaviors. This means that your ad dynamically changes according to what your potential customer is specifically looking for. Not only this, but when the customer clicks on your advertisement, it will direct them towards the relevant page of your website for further information. There can be a big difference in overall campaign performance if you display a potential customer an advertisement for a brand's overall online store versus a size large red short sleeve blouse that the brand sells, which points to a specific destination URL.

The data that ExactDrive analyzes about a particular potential customer can then be used again for retargeting schemes in the future, helping to drive traffic back to your website, and giving individuals a second chance at converting. Dynamic display advertising can significantly increase the performance of an advertising campaign, as the content of the advertisements will always remain relevant and fresh to the customer, reducing the chances of ad fatigue or banner blindness. Following are just three of the ways that you may begin to notice dynamic ads changing the face of online advertising.

1. Dynamic Ads Lead to Dynamic Retargeting

One of the most significant benefits of dynamic ads is that they facilitate dynamic retargeting, therefore allowing interactions with the customer to continue, and ads to customize according to previous encounters. This opportunity allows companies to focus on customers that have already visited their website either through purchasing a product or finding out further information, but have perhaps not completed their transaction.

It's quite common for customers to add products to their shopping cart on a website then fail to check out. But dynamic retargeting can track these potential customers down and convert them into profits through the use of ads that focus on the products they are most interested in purchasing.

2. Dynamic Ads Will Perform Better

It's a well-known fact among online advertisers today that relevant, personalized content and advertisements generate significantly more conversions than any general marketing scheme. Customers are simply more likely to engage with an ad that they believe is appropriate for their needs and ambitions - and personalized display ads can have up to a ten times higher click-through rate in comparison to traditional display ads. On top of the personal feel that dynamic ads will give to the World of online advertising, it's also worth recognizing the importance of the real-time element. By leveraging semi-automated platforms and dynamic creative, it could be possible for companies to consistently test numerous messages, layouts, and products to optimize performance. While testing out new formats, dynamic ads will be able to encourage up-sells and cross-sells to customers that have already purchased from a website, while luring distracted customers back to the cart checkout page.

3. Companies Will Be Able To Advertise Updated Inventories

There's nothing worse for a customer than seeing the perfect product for their particular problem, then clicking on the ad only to find that it's out of stock. Dynamic ads will allow companies to ensure that they are showing an up-to-date inventory to their customers, so that they might be directed towards similar products when one particular solution is no longer available. This means that businesses will waste less ad budget on advertisements that lead potential customers nowhere, while customers will receive a better purchasing experience in dealing with online transactions.

The Future of Dynamic Ads

It's worth noting that dynamic display advertising is a concept that will continue to evolve as time passes by. The concept works by targeting the real-time interests of a consumer, and preying on their particular preferences as an individual - instead of attempting to reel everyone in with the exact same bait. As new environments - such as smartphones and tablets - integrate with effective solutions for display advertising, we will see dynamic ads become even more impressive and convenient for customers and companies alike.