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Advertise Online Smarter and More Efficient

ExactDrive’s real-time media buying ad platform give clients greater control and better performance with a single point of access for transparent real-time media buying. 

Real-Time media buying is a variation of programmatic buying and is a new and dynamic way to buy online media. It allows advertisers to bid for the right to serve an ad to a particular person, on an impression by impression basis. The technology is an effective way to get the right ad in front of the right person at the right time, and for advertisers, buying ads in real-time is becoming the go-to method to quickly and efficiently execute a branding campaign.

With real-time bidding, media buyers can drive meaningful one-to-one connections to consumers with greater scale and efficiency. Every time an impression is available, the advertising exchange "asks" us if we'd like to bid on behalf of an advertiser (the "bid request"). You get a variety of information, such as the site the impression is one, the time stamp, information about the user, etc. You typically have milliseconds to respond with a bid (the "bid response"). What you bid is entirely up to you. You don't have to bid if the impression is not valuable to you. If you win the impression, your creative is served.

real-time media buying

Buying and Valuation

Real-time bidding enables brands to bid on individual impressions rather than agreeing to a predetermined price. Buying online media in real time is cost effective, reduces waste and prevents advertisers from overpaying for media. Real-time bidding means brands only pay what an impression is truly worth.

Targeting Technology

Advertisers are becoming more aware of the benefits of first and third party data to target desired audiences. With the help of third party data, vendors and advertisers can create a detailed profile of their target consumer, by modelling the attributes of existing customers. By taking advantage of first party data, advertisers can optimize their audience based on known quantities – their own customer base. Real time bidding allows advertisers to access the media they want, for the people they choose.

Dynamic Optimization and Real-Time Analytics

The ability to update a campaign in real-time is a huge benefit with real time buying, because performance data is made available as the campaign runs. Advertisers can adjust their campaigns when big news stories hit, update their site lists or add/remove ad units from their campaigns on the fly, based on performance.

Gain Control.

Founded in 2008, ExactDrive designed and developed its real-time media buying ad platform to enable digital media buyers to evaluate, bid on and purchase ad inventory on an impression-by-impression basis. With real-time bidding, media buyers can drive meaningful one-to-one connections to consumers with greater scale, brand safety, results and efficiency.

Whether you want to raise awareness, incite action or open new channels, ExactDrive's managed services team works behind the scene to deliver results so you can focus on operational imperativesOur digital media buying and planning platform provides a turn-key solution to plan, traffic, manage, and analyze your online ad campaigns.

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