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PriceGrabber.com - Pricing Comparison

Leading comparison shopping site, PriceGrabber.com, finds success retargeting lost visitors with dynamic ads. Combining dynamic ads And retargeting reroutes casual visitors, transforming them into loyal customers.

More than 23 million unique shoppers visit PriceGrabber.com each month. They are given the ability to instantly find and compare millions of unique products and services from more than 11,000 merchants across numerous categories including Clothing, Cell Phones, Computers, Furniture, Cameras and more. PriceGrabber offers shoppers the ability to view and compare pricing information for products and services, enabling users to find the right product from the right merchant at the best price.

pricegrabber dynamic advertising


The ExactDrive account management team combined three services together. First, analytical modeling helps determine ad placement. Second, ExactDrive's retargeting program precisely targets users who visit PriceGrabber.com but don't successfully engage with a product or service. Third, dynamic display ad technology that shows ads personalized in real time to match each customer's interests and past viewing experiences, and to avoid displaying "one size fits all" ads.

With so many shoppers searching and reviewing such a wealth of products and services it is critical for PriceGrabber to keep track of which items individual shoppers review and show the most interest in. Speaking to each potential customer as a unique individual versus a member of a generalized audience is critical in maximizing purchasing potential. View dynamic ads diagram.


ExactDrive delivered a smart, sophisticated Internet marketing strategy that converts lost shoppers and past visitors into active customers and attracts new customers. It helps PriceGrabber.com anticipate where prospects will be while reaching them more cost-effectively. Ultimately, ExactDrive helps PriceGrabber.com figure out key audiences and points of influence on the path to a successful purchase.

The performance and precision of display ad campaigns is increased by personalizing ad creative in real time for each shopper being remarketed. This allows PriceGrabber to speak to their potential customers as unique individuals as opposed to generalized audience messaging with 'one size fits all' ads. ExactDrive also uses real-time media buying, dynamic CPM pricing, audience segments and targeting technologies to maximize ROI and acquire individual impressions as they became available, ensuring that PriceGrabber is buying only the ad inventory they need, and getting it at the best possible price.

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Founded in 2008, ExactDrive designed and developed its real-time media buying ad platform to enable digital media buyers to evaluate, bid on and purchase ad inventory on an impression-by-impression basis. With real-time bidding, media buyers can drive meaningful one-to-one connections to consumers with greater scale, brand safety, results and efficiency.

Whether you want to raise awareness, incite action or open new channels, ExactDrive's managed services team works behind the scene to deliver results so you can focus on operational imperatives. Our digital media buying and planning platform provides a turn-key solution to plan, traffic, manage, and analyze your online ad campaigns.

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