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Travel Leaders

Top-tier Travel Company Boosts Traffic, Reduces Costs

Targeted Offers To Engaged Audiences Generated Tremendous Site Traffic And Slashed Acquisition Costs.

Our self-serve advertising platform with managed services provides a leading solution for advertising your brand online.

Test Drive It


Travel Leaders came to ExactDrive because the company needed to bring more targeted visitors to its travel offer and agent landing pages. Two measurable goals were to increase deep-link page views on the Travel Leaders website and increase sign-up requests for travel agent assistance. The broader goal was to increase reach and brand awareness while reducing the cost of advertising and lead acquisition. Target audiences included those interested in leisure travel and business travel, plus family planners and baby boomers.

Campaign Challenges

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The ExactDrive account management team worked closely with Travel Leaders to identify ideal audiences. The team then developed the overall digital media plan to align the products and audiences within specific target markets. The plan utilized a series of targeting segments.


By serving targeted offers to receptive and engaged target audiences, this campaign generated a tremendous amount of site traffic and acquisition costs were slashed. ExactDrive used real-time media buying, dynamic CPM pricing, audience segments and targeting technologies to maximize ROI.




As the largest franchised travel agency network in the U.S., Travel Leaders has enhanced the experiences of millions of travelers. The company manages business travel for companies of all sizes as well as individuals and groups.

"Over the past two years, Exact Drive has enabled Travel Leaders to increase brand awareness, improve the quality of sales leads, and maximize our online marketing budget through targeted, cost-effective advertising solutions."

– Ray Spann,
Travel Leaders