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Blend in With Content

Native ads match the function and form of the platform on which they appears. Although the definition may not be straight forward, there's no denying that native advertisements work. After all, the most common Internet technique of all (search ads) are a form of native advertising, and Google just goes to show how well that strategy can work. Following, we'll go into a deeper explanation of what native advertising actually means, and how you can use it to deliver profitable benefits to your company. 

Different Types of Native Advertising


1. Sponsored Content

The first, and perhaps most obvious option, is sponsored content. Videos and articles that appear on popular websites that have already generated a significant following online, such as "Wired", or "Buzzfeed". The content on these websites are designed to mimic the feel and style of other editorial content, but behind that façade is a promotional intent - someone who is looking to sell to you.

The idea is to offer something so entertaining, that your consumers forget they're watching an advertisement in the first place. Sponsored content is the primary option for bigger brands. There are other options, however, for smaller companies.

2. Recommended Content

Are you more likely to go out of your way to watch a random video, or one that your friend, or trusted acquaintance has already recommended to you? Content recommendation engines are making recommended content more of a realistic opportunity for companies around the web. On CNN.com, this shows up in the "around the web" links, that blend almost seamlessly with the rest of the experience of reading an article or visiting a page.

Testing has shown that having the right shout out from a relevant brand can make all the difference to businesses of any size, helping to draw extra traffic to content.


3. In-Feed Social Ads

Finally, in-feed social advertising is perhaps the best place to start if you're new to native advertising options. You can set up your experience with in-feed native ads within a matter of minutes and as a marketing solution, it's cheap and easy to manage. In-Feed ads promote something while promising value to the person who's reading the ad. Although it may not contain a direct offer, it should lead you to a page that asks for further information, or takes you deeper into the sales funnel.

Gain Control.

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