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Targeting Options


Categorical advertising is a powerful way to capture the attention of existing and potential customers. Category targeting places display advertisements on websites that are categorically relevant to your customers’ interests. 


Extend your advertising reach into the exciting world of mobile. Keep up with the fast-paced lives of the people you're hoping to attract to your brand, product, or service by targeting mobile devices.

Site Retargeting

Once users leave your website, they are displayed ads as they surf around the web. These advertisements bring your brand back front and center, often generating the highest CTR and conversion rates.


With contextual targeting, a display advertisement is only shown on webpages with content that matches with words and phrases from a pre-made or custom list that you create.


Need the undivided attention of a precise audience or demographic group? Then testing out ExactDrive's behavioral targeting solutions are a good place to start. It's secure, simple and transparent.


Native ads match he form and function of the platform on which it appears. ExactDrive is excited to offer native advertising as yet another powerful online advertising option for our clients.

Gain Control.

Founded in 2008, ExactDrive designed and developed its real-time media buying ad platform to enable digital media buyers to evaluate, bid on and purchase ad inventory on an impression-by-impression basis. With real-time bidding, media buyers can drive meaningful one-to-one connections to consumers with greater scale, brand safety, results and efficiency.

Whether you want to raise awareness, incite action or open new channels, ExactDrive's managed services team works behind the scene to deliver results so you can focus on operational imperatives. Our digital media buying and planning platform provides a turn-key solution to plan, traffic, manage, and analyze your online ad campaigns.

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