What Is Video Advertising? Lets find out.

Increase Engagement through High Impact Video Advertising. Capture the attention of your target audience through high-impact video advertising. Reach your target audience through in-banner video advertising or leverage our PreRoll video capabilities. This sounds nice doesn't it? Lets get started. 


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What Is Video Advertising?

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Multi-Screen Digital Video Advertising Works.

For several years now videos have been a powerful way to engage consumers and as a result video advertising has been increasing in popularity. In the modern World users are watching videos across a number of devices, primarily fragmented across computers, smart phones and tablets. This could propose a problem for advertisers trying to reach the right audience except Multi-Screen Digital Video Advertising exists. Advertisers are able to build strong brand engagement by connecting with audiences anytime and anywhere, by displaying video advertisements across the three main screens used by people in their everyday lives. As the World changes, so do we. Guidelines for video creatives.

TV Series Grows Viewership Using Video Advertising

video advertisingLets take the following example. Recently a studio came to ExactDrive wanting to repurpose already existing Television commercial content to promote a new TV series. The studio had an excellent handle on their target demographic and the geographic locations with the highest viewship potential.

ExactDrive was able to take the existing commercial content and create several 15 second and 30 second pre-roll video advertisement spots. Taking the existing demographic and geographic information provided to us we were able to load up the videos in our advertising platform and accurately setup targeting with ease.

The results outlined not only a sizable increase in unique visitors to the TV series' website but an increase in organic social media chatter as well. Video advertising provided the client with an opportunity to capture the attention of their target audience and increase overall exposure for their TV series, all with previously created content.


Your Top 6 Video Advertising Questions Answered

For fledgling businesses that are just making their way into the industry for the very first time, video advertising can be one of the most exciting and dynamic methods of announcing yourself to an entire demographic or audience. When properly researched and clearly executed, the right video advertisement can capture the attention of your market and explain what your company does in a couple of minutes - achieving a success that no other static advertisement or newspaper column can grasp.

Typically, most YouTube videos and business clips can be professionally produced and broadcasted for a far lower cost than any television commercial - and with YouTube, you don't have to conform to the same strict restrictions you'd deal with on T.V. However, in the short time you have to grab and keep a viewer's attention, it's important to make sure that you connect with your audience the right way, and inspire them to take action. Following are the answers to just some of the questions that businesses ask when it comes to video advertising - so that you can get the most out of your dynamic debut.

Question 1: What's the Best Length for a Video Ad?

Countless advertisers and marketing professionals find themselves researching the perfect length for their video, to make sure that they convey the right impression, in the perfect amount of time. On average, desktop viewers will stick with a video that they find interesting for around 2 minutes - whereas viewers on their cellphones may spend as long as five minutes watching an ad. This means that the length of your video can be somewhat flexible in comparison to other media, but keeping it short and sweet might be the best option.

Question 2: Should I Write a Script?

When it comes to being personable and interesting, a lot of companies think that it might be a good idea to simply wing their advertisement video and hope for the best. They believe that making the odd mistake with a word here and there will help them to be charming and approachable. Although this can take some of the strain off the video process, remember that you are a professional business, and your advertisement needs to be professional - even if you do opt for a light-hearted and comical tone. Script your message before you record it - or you could go viral for all of the wrong reasons. If you don't have the time or skill to come up with your own script, you can find a freelancer to write one for you for a relatively low price.

Question 3: Should I Be Funny?

Using humor in your online marketing or video advertising campaign can be incredibly beneficial when done properly. After all, there's nothing quite like making your audience laugh to help you develop a positive bond with them that will keep viewers coming back in the future. Unfortunately, just because humor can work - doesn't mean that it is right for all situations. If you, or the person presenting your video is funny, and you can find a way to successfully incorporate humor into the advertisement - then feel free to try it out. However, the worst thing you can do is try to force your video to be funny - if the humor isn't natural - just leave it out of the video.

Question 4: Should I use Technical Language?

When trying to establish brand authority, it's a good idea to show customers that you know what you're talking about. However, this shouldn't be pushed to an extent where you are using constant technical jargon that leaves your audience confused and bored. A lot of companies make the mistake of trying to use industry language as a way of describing value - but you need to be sure that the words you're using in your video advertisement - or any ad for that matter - speak to your audience on a level that they can understand. Using clear language will give you much better results than jargon - no matter how impressive you think the long words sound.

Question 5: Should I use a Call to Action?

Too many businesses convince themselves that an effective call to action is something that should only be used in blogs, banner ads, and PPC advertising. The truth is that a good call-to-action can be a crucial part of any marketing scheme, whether it's a virtual poster, a website page, or a YouTube video. You can even create a special landing page that corresponds directly to the message that you use in your video, allowing users a new opportunity to explore your brand, and your company.

Question 6: Should I Be Personal?

Finally, just because you should be professional with your video advertisement, doesn't mean that you can't be personal too. If you have customer testimonials - show them off, if you can show a customer using and enjoying your product or service - show that too! Being able to present your company as a group run by human beings - rather than a faceless organization, is likely to deliver far better results from your viewers and future customers.