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dynamic_advertisingKnowing how to creatively market your brand, company, or product is an essential part of establishing success online today. As more businesses than ever before continue to migrate onto the Internet for a chance to get their hands on brand new clients, customers, and audiences, it's down to you to make sure that you're adapting to the latest methods of ensuring that your company stands out from the crowd.

The word "dynamic" shows up pretty frequently online today, from dynamic search engine advertisements, to dynamic retargeting and dynamic creative. The concept that we will be focusing on here is Dynamic creative - an advertising method that allows creatives to change automatically according to information about the user. In simple terms, dynamic advertisements use this creative form to adapt based on the wants and needs of the particular person viewing them. The information used could be related to the customer's location, behavior, or context, but the aim remains the same - to offer a personalized experience.

So how do you create the best dynamic Ads?

1. Use Eye-catching, High-Quality Images

In the World of advertising, image isn't everything - but it can be particularly important in catching a prospective customer's attention for the first time. This is why it's crucial to make sure that your dynamic ads make use of attractive and well-photographed images that relate to your message and draw in your consumer.



2. Maintain Consistent Aspect Ration or Size

Consistency in aspect ratio and product-image size is appealing on a visual level - think of the impact that Instagram and Pinterest have had. When you're opting for dynamic advertisements, make sure that regardless of the different images or wording that you use, you always give your audience an image that is well-sized. At the same time - this doesn't mean that you shouldn't ensure that your advertisements can show up just as well on a smartphone as they do on a desktop.

3. Use a Catchy Call to Action and Copy

Though the visual impact of your advertisement can be crucial to grabbing your audience's attention - it's important to remember that it's often the copy and call to action that will prompt them into motion. Your ad copy needs to be engaging and interesting at the same time, offering something to your customers that promotes your value and makes you worth investigation. Remember, however, that the content you use on your dynamic advertisements should still be simple and concise. It's about finding the right words - not placing as much information into a set space as possible. Quality over quantity.



4. Test Out Different Options

One of the tips that you'll see often when it comes to learning more about marketing skills and establishing yourself online is that testing is crucial. The only way to find out whether one concept will work better than another is to try it, test it, and compare it. This means:

  • Producing dynamic ads that have the price displayed, and comparing them to those that don’t
  • Using particular brand colors in your advertisements to see which are the most appealing
  • Trying out different words and phrasing to see which delivers the most conversions

5. Be Unique and Interesting

Finally, boredom is a serious problem for online shoppers - especially when it comes to seeing the same old advertising techniques again and again. Refreshing the feel and look of your advertisements every now and again is an important way to stay ahead of the curve and ensure that your brand image doesn't become stale after a couple of months.

6. Finding a Place for Dynamic Ads

Although the popularity of dynamic advertising is growing - many advertisers and companies still struggle in finding a place for it among their marketing strategy - anxious to steer clear of any risk of damaging their brand. As with any new concept - businesses can be scared off when they don't know the possibilities that exist behind the dynamic creative idea.

However, it could help to know that dynamic creative has been shown to deliver a 115% increase in CTR, and a 44% lift in ROI. This means that changing your advertisements to this format could be enough to give you nearly 50% more return on your investment than you previously saw.

There are numerous different forms of dynamic creative to choose from, each of which has their place in different locations and functions. The biggest difference that exists between these types revolves around the aim to "prospect" clients, and the aim to "retarget". When used for prospecting, the aim of dynamic advertising is to increase the relevance of the message, so as to attract users to the site. On the other hand, for retargeting, the aim is to grab customers during different phases of the purchasing funnel.


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