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Guidelines for Display Banners

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There are few technical requirements imposed on creatives (learn more about best display ads) by ExactDrive. Follow the recommendations listed here to ease your use and access as much inventory as possible. As initial requirements, a single creative must render properly multiple times during the audit process, regardless of any parameter or restriction assigned to the creative. Therefore, frequency capping or geo-targeting set outside of Exact Drive will interfere with the audit process. Please have geo-targeting and frequency capping parameters from third party ad servers turned off during our audit process. The most popular IAB standard banner sizes we work with are: 728x90, 300x250, 160x600 and 300x600. ExactDrive also offers a dynamic ads solution.


Follow these recommendations when building creatives of any type:

  • GIF, JPEG, DHTML or Flash are acceptable
  • Limit initial load size to less than 40 KB.
  • Avoid auto-initiated audio; it's frequently blocked by publishers.
  • recommend developing flash creatives to be viewable in Flash Player Version 8 or lower
  • both ActionScript 2 and ActionScript 3 used in Flash are acceptable
  • Do not serve blanks
  • No auto-expansion, auto-audio or page takeovers
  • Use the standard click variable name clickTAG
  • Limit animation to 30 seconds for Google and 15 seconds for Microsoft
  • Limit looping animation to a maximum of 3 times
  • The above recommendations apply to mobile browser inventory and standard IAB banner sizes.


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