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why does retargeting work.pngWhat happens when someone visits your website and then chooses to click away without converting into a subscriber, customer, or anything else? Do you simply give up and hope that the next potential lead will provide better results, or do you make the effort to have a second chance at a first impression?

Retargeting allows you to present your visitors with unique, paid ad solutions whenever they've already visited your website. This advert focuses on the fact that the visitor in question already knows your brand and what you offer, then prompts them to come back and finish the conversion that they didn't complete before. By placing a tiny piece of code on your website, you can use retarding to:

  • Remind potential clients of an item they might have considered purchasing in the past - therefore encouraging them to come back and finish the deal.
  • Raise brand awareness in the digital marketplace by pushing your company to the front of your customers' minds.
  • Focus your advertising spend on clients that you already know are interested in your products or services.

So Why Is Retargeting So Effective?

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There are many reasons why retargeting is so effective - some of which we'll explore in greater detail below. However, it's important to note that the main driving factor of retargeting is the fact that it gives your business a second chance at conversion, bringing your customers back from the distractions that might have to lead them away from a purchase they really do want to make.

The following are the biggest reasons why all companies should at least consider pursuing a retargeting campaign as part of their overall marketing effort.

Retargeting Provides A New Chance At Converting

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There are times when we'd all wish for a second chance to grab someone's attention, and retargeting gives you just that, by allowing you to reach out to users who have some interest in your product and service, and reminding them why they bothered to visit your website in the first place. Since the people you're advertising to will already have been exposed to your brand, they're more likely to be further along the sales funnel and ready to make a purchase.

The truth is that most companies receive the largest share of their traffic through paid, or organic one-time visitors. Retargeting allows you to continue marketing to those visitors, and get them back into the sales funnel. Simply put, it takes one chance of a sale and transforms it into multiple ways to make a profit.

Retargeting Improves Your Ad Campaign Overall

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While most companies know that marketing is an essential part of running a successful business, this doesn't necessarily mean that they want to spend all of their budget trying out new methods to draw in customers. Retargeting offers a cost-effective campaign by ensuring you only pay for impressions that are given to users who have already visited your website.

Because you're not simply throwing out adverts and hoping that one of them will be successful, the engagement level that comes from retargeting efforts is generally higher than the engagement results from other advertising campaigns. In fact, it's not uncommon to see great CTRs with retargeting solutions that range anywhere up to 0.95% - up to 

Retargeting Increases Profits: Cross-selling & Upselling

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Finally, you can choose to take your retargeting campaign that one step further by placing a pixel on a conversion or thank you page that allows you to build an audience of high-value visitors. If these customers have converted before and you can give them a compelling offer that relates to their needs or interests, the chances are that they'll be willing to convert again.

Though you'll need to be careful to use your retargeting efforts in such a way that your audience doesn't consider them to be an annoyance or a distraction, there are plenty of ways that a retargeting campaign can help you to improve your overall profits and therefore enhance your bottom line.

Make Retargeting Work for You

The world of digital marketing is a highly competitive one, which means that you're going to need to leverage every technique you can find if you want to make your company a success. In the case of retargeting, you could be able to access a cost-effective way to significantly increase the number of sales you get on average.

Retargeting really does work.

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Written by Richard Crittenden

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