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video_advertising_pros_and_consIt's fair to say that a significant portion of the Internet is still populated by the various banner advertisements and media creative that were the hallmark of initial advertising campaigns. However, it's also important to recognize that the World of advertising is constantly moving forward, and at this time it's clear to see where the road is turning: to video advertising. There are many reasons why online video advertising has become increasing popular in the recent months - from the popularity of viral streaming services, to the fact that video offers a more engaging way of viewing information for younger consumers.

Regardless of its driving force, the world of online video advertising is here to stay - but that doesn't necessarily ensure that all advertisers will be convinced that it is the best medium available. While some markets are certainly seeing significant growth through video advertising, others are achieving results by sticking to more traditional methods. If you're on the fence about what the next step forward in your video advertising campaign should be, the following pros and cons should help you to make a more informed decision.

The Pros of Video Advertising

1. The Cost

First and foremost, one of the biggest advantages to using video advertising in your online advertising campaign is that you can save yourself some money. There's no need to spend excessive amounts of money on prime television viewing slots when the Internet is consistently available and always viewed by at least a portion of your target market.

2. Flexible Formats


Online video advertisements come in a wide range of different formats - from sponsored videos, to advertisements that take place just before another video runs (pre-roll video ads). There are even advertisements that run in the middle of a video, like a television advertisements, or interactive advertisements that prompt the viewer to get involved with what they're watching. Guidelines for video ads.

3. Real-Time Results


When using video advertising campaigns, the data that you can see instantly is practically limitless. Not only can you get access to figures of how many people are viewing your ad within a particular time, but you can also find out where your viewers are located, and get instant feedback in the form of likes and comments to help to adjust your next advertisement.

4. Global Reach

Sure, certain places have content restrictions in place, and some countries may struggle to give certain customers a reliable connection to broadband. However, for the most part, your online video campaigns have the capacity to reach far and wide across the globe. With the right viral content, your business could potentially explode over a single night.

5. Portability

Finally, an online video advertisement can travel with your target market wherever they choose to go. Whether they're viewing something on their tablet computer, or connecting from a smartphone, your ad goes wherever there is an Internet connection.

The Cons of Video Advertising

1. Timing

When it comes to planning a successful video ad, timing can be everything. This means that you'll need to devote extra time to thinking about who your target market is, and when they're more likely to be online. For instance, it's pointless to play an advertisement designed for children during the hours when they're likely to be at school. Because you're relying on your video advert being played at a particular time, you may also find that you need to pay more to get the perfect spot.

2. People Skip Video Ads

skip_video_adsSome of the buttons that are used most often on the internet today are those that permit users to skip through video advertisements or close it entirely when making their way to the content they initially wanted to see. This means that unless you create something that people actively want to watch, you're going to have to rely on people bypassing the "skip" button.

Should You Use Online Video Advertising?

The growing popularity of streaming video websites such as Hulu and Netflix has begun to provide advertisers with almost limitless opportunities when it comes to getting their ideas out onto the online video medium. What's more, video usage is favored by a large number of site managers who are searching for a combination of SEO benefits, social media integration, and web traffic.

Unfortunately, the success of your video advertising campaign depends heavily on the amount of research and effort you put into it. Getting the most out of a video ad may require a great deal more work than simply sending something entertaining out onto the web and hoping for the best. However, everything from correct sitemap formatting, to correct keyword tagging and cross-platforming posting can all help to boost the success of your video advertising campaign.

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