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Dec 10, 2020 11:30:00 AM

10 Leadership Style Secrets From Successful CEOs

ExactDrive recently had the opportunity to be interviewed by Techiestuffs, which is a rapidly growing Tech blog which strives to provide a timely and quality Tech updates.

A startup is only as good as its leader, and having a bold leadership style is often the determining factor behind a startup’s success. Not only will a CEO’s style set the pace for the rest of the company, but it will also determine the degree of respect and trust that a startup’s employees have for it. Though leadership styles vary greatly, and there’s no single correct one, there are some universal traits that set great CEOs apart from their not so remarkable counterparts. We asked 10 CEOs of successful startups what the key elements of their leadership style were, and how they led to their startup’s success. Here’s what they had to say.

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Nov 30, 2020 9:29:00 AM

5 Ways To Encourage Creativity Innovation Among Your Employees

This article was originally published by TechNoven.com, a leading Tech Style Magazine navigator.

Encouraging and fostering innovation among a startup’s employees can often be one of the most important factors in accelerating a company’s growth trajectory. While its often assumed that the CEO should be the one responsible for coming up with ideas that generate growth, it is the employees that are in the best position to know what is working and what isn’t. Most successful startups recognize this and provide a space for employee’s to suggest ways that the company can continually improve.

Doing so not only encourages employees to be proactive and seek ways to improve the company, but also fosters a company culture that encourages innovation and creativity. We spoke to 5 different startup founders and asked what the methods they use for encouraging innovation among their employees, here’s what they had to say.

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Nov 24, 2020 2:10:51 PM

6 Strategies for Managing and Achieving Long-term Company Goals

The ability to effectively manage and keep track of long-term company goals is one of the most critical factors contributing to a young startup’s success. Doing so successfully however is more difficult than one might imagine, especially considering the numerous obstacles and opportunities for distraction that arise during the course of scaling a business.

Startups that are doing well are often tempted into taking more projects than they can realistically manage, taking energy and resources away from existing clients and undermining its ability to retain its customer-base. For startups that are underperforming on the other hand, worrying about the company’s long-term trajectory can seem irrelevant compared to the day-to-day struggle of simply staying afloat.

We spoke with five startup founders and asked what their best advice was for achieving long-term company goals, here’s what they had to say.

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Jun 23, 2015 8:51:00 AM

9 Startup Founders On How To Overcome Your Fear Of Failure

ExactDrive was recently interviewed by Giga StartupsFounded in 2013, GigaStartups is one of the leading global voice on emerging technologies. Their publications aims to provide deep insight on disruptive companies and trends.

Most of us experience fear every single day. While some people spend their whole lives avoiding fear, running away from it any way they can, others decide to take it on, fight against it, and develop the necessary skills for overcoming it.

By the very nature of the entrepreneur’s game, fear will become a central force that must be reckoned with. Most of the time, the entrepreneur’s number one fear will be that of failure. What if I don’t succeed? What I’m just wasting my time on a failed idea? These are legitimate concerns, they must be addressed in a rational, controlled manner because without a rational approach, fear takes over, and will leave its victim debilitated.

We spoke with some entrepreneurs about what strategies they have used to overcome their fear of failure and continue on towards their goal of building a successful business.

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May 26, 2015 7:31:00 AM

8 Pieces of Advice For CEOs That Need To Scale Their Startups

ExactDrive recently got interviewed by Young Upstarts, a leading business and startup news source.

A startup’s ability to scale its services in response to increasing demand is one of the most important factors in determining its success. While certain processes and strategies may have worked for a business early on, a rapidly increasing customer base and the increased bandwidth needed in response will often bring those very same process to their natural breaking point.

As such, its important for every startup to develop its services with the anticipation of success, creating a plan for how to scale when the time comes. If no such plan is in place, its best to develop one as soon as possible in case your inability to keep up with demand begins affecting the quality of your services.

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Apr 15, 2015 9:05:00 AM

7 Tips For Accurately Pricing your Startup’s Product & Services

This article was originally published on a leading professional marketing blog, BloggerIdeas.com.

At the heart of any discussion about a startup’s product or services is the question of value. How much value does your startup’s solution provide for its clients? How many hours of work does it save them? Is it something they could do themselves or are your services unique? These questions determine not only if your startup will achieve profitability, but how much you can fairly charge for your services in the event that it does.

Pricing your company’s services is a delicate process that must take into account a multitude of factors. We spoke to seven successful founder’s at different stages in their careers and asked what their best advice was for accurately pricing a startup’s product and services.

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Apr 3, 2015 9:00:00 AM

Successful Entrepreneurs Recommend You Read The Following Books

ExactDrive recently had the opportunity to be interviewed by The Startup Journal, which is a platform for Indian startups to showcase their innovation and creativeness to a wide entrepreneurial community. The Startup Journal is dedicated towards fostering entrepreneurial culture.

"He who knows only his own generation remains forever a child." Those were the words written above the library at my alma mater, and while they rang true at University, they have proven exceptionally true in the startup environment. Launching a startup is largely an exercise in trial error, and regardless of how much experience one has, its always advisable to keep learning and seeking the advice of those who came before you.

Often, entrepreneurs become jaded after their first successful launch, and assume that all other entrepreneurial endeavors will follow the same path. In doing so, they limit themselves greatly in their ability to respond creatively when things don’t go as planned, and more importantly, fall behind in an industry where it pays to be well-read. The difference between failure and success in the startup ecosystem often comes down to an entrepreneur’s willingness to keep learning about their constantly changing environment, and as such, its advisable to read as much as possible to stay up-to-date. We spoke with 12 successful startup founders and asked what book all entrepreneurs should read and why. Here’s what they said.

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Apr 2, 2015 9:00:00 AM

10 Ways To Stop Your Startup From Failing

ExactDrive recently had the opportunity to be interviewed by Fresh Infos, who discusses geeky creations, weird incidents, funny LOL stories as well as latest of technology, gaming, gadgematic, and social news. Basically we bring out fresh new ideas to the world wide web, ‘Refreshing Your Mind.’

Its a well-known fact that most startups are bound for failure. Some companies are doomed from the start, with products that are either unnecessary or that do not differentiate from the competition. Other startups meet their demise due to having made certain mistakes, mistakes that could have been avoided if they’d made a greater effort to learn from the experiences of those who came before them. Its often been said that successful people know how to learn from their own mistakes, and really successful people know how to learn from the mistakes of others. We spoke with 10 successful startup founders and asked what the primary reason for startup failure was, and how recently launched startups can avoid it. Here’s what they had to say.

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Mar 27, 2015 9:00:00 AM

BillionSuccess.com Interview: Tim Nichols Founder of ExactDrive's Self-Serve Advertising Platform

The online advertising industry is a fast moving beast that will not wait for assumed perfection to be made before release.

ExactDrive simplifies online advertising with strategic expertise and innovative insight you can’t find anywhere else. ExactDrive’s self-serve advertising platform coupled with offered managed campaign planning, management and optimization services deliver measurable value, empowering clients to find precisely targeted audiences and generate desired results.

Q:  Please tell us a little bit about your company – what is ExactDrive all about?

ExactDrive Inc. offers a self-serve online advertising platform coupled with managed services. Difference-making online advertising campaigns require innovative strategy, leading technology, careful planning and insightful analysis. ExactDrive’s self-serve advertising platform and managed services team provides all four, making it easier for you to generate the results you want most. Our ad platform delivers online advertising solutions that make it faster and easier to reach more people who are ready to embrace your brand.

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Mar 16, 2015 8:00:00 AM

6 Things That All Entrepreneurs Should Stop Worrying About

ExactDrive recently had the opportunity to be interviewed by Onevest.com, who has a mission to reshape the private equity industry by democratizing early stage investing: Connect founders to capital allowing their ideas to transform into successful companies, simultaneously creating new investment opportunities for individual investors.

Being an entrepreneur is an inherently stressful endeavor. Being the entrepreneur behind a newly launched startup is even more stressful, since it means constantly having to balance on the fine line between failure and success. Many of the concerns that one has during this time period are warranted, particularly when it comes to budget, client retention, and simply surviving the competitive startup ecosystem. Other concerns, however, are irrational and can take away from the precious energy needed to successfully run a business.

We spoke with six startup founders at different stages in their careers, and asked them what one thing was that all entrepreneurs should stop worrying about. 

1. Competitors

"Keep an eye on them for sure, but don't let what they do dictate what you do too much. Focus on doing what you do best and innovate. If you're watching your competitors too closely, you'll be playing a constant game of catch up that won't do you much good."

Mark Volkmann, Massagebook

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