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While the world of online advertising may seem somewhat intimidating at first, it can actually streamline your marketing campaign. Not only can online advertising save you money, reach a broader audience, convert more viewers into clients and target the appropriate audience, but you can generally set up most of your campaigns from the privacy of your office or home.

Find out what type of online advertising you should be using to target your future customers.

Benefits Of Display Advertising


Display advertising is another one of the most common forms of online marketing. This is also referred to sometimes as pay-per-impression advertising. This type of marketing utilizes banner ads that are generated on specific websites to drive traffic to your website. Unlike search engine marketing, you'll usually see display advertising on specific sites--not necessarily search engine results.

Cost: The cost of display advertising often depends on the website where you'd like to advertise. Sometimes publications broker these deals, and sometimes third-party affiliate networks can broker them. The higher the readership, the higher the cost.

Benefits: Your marketing campaign can get high visibility on the sites your potential customers already frequent.

Benefits Of Native Advertising

Native advertising is another way to incorporate your ad into a website that your potential customers already frequent. Yet, instead of placing an ad near the website's copy, you can insert your marketing into the copy or after the copy. Many content marketers insert native advertising right into the copy (with a disclaimer that the placement is paid) and work the product into the subject of the article, blog post or social media post.
Cost: Depending on the social media influencer's, blogger's or writer's following, you can strike a deal that could start at a very small amount per sale; or, you may end up paying such a person a substantial cut. You may also need to validate your product's purpose within the context of the website or platform before it's accepted.
Benefits: You get the web equivalent of a product placement. Although many readers understand you've paid to insert your product into the website's or platform's copy, you will still get the stamp of approval from an influencer.

Benefits Of Remarketing and Retargeting


Remarketing and retargeting are terms used to algorithms that redirect customers back to your website or product. Oftentimes, customer place items in their cart only to forget about them, become distracted or save them for later. Remarketing and retargeting software allows those items to "follow" your potential customer around the Internet until they make the final sale. Customers will see these ads as sidebars and boxes in their browsers.

Cost: The cost depends on the marketing company, but the benefits can be invaluable if customers frequently abandon their carts on your site.
Benefits: You can gain customers that would have otherwise abandoned products on your site or retain customers through retargeting and remarketing software. Sometimes all you need to secure a lifelong customer is that first initial purchase.

Benefits Of Programmatic Advertising

programmatic advertising is the future
Programmatic advertising is simply a term that is used for marketing channels that you can purchase online without a broker. It's the Internet shopping of online marketing. Instead of signing a contract with a company or a publisher, you can simply purchase your advertising through an online advertising portal in the same amount of time it takes you to place your Amazon Fresh order.
Cost: The cost greatly depends on the company and plan you choose. You can usually purchase a plan that's tailor-made for your needs.
Benefits: You can save time, try out services and forget about the stress of negotiating contracts and determining if your product is right for a specific influencer.

Benefits Of Real-Time Advertising

Real-time advertising gets a lot of buzz because the entire exchange happens very quickly. Essentially, real-time ads are auctioned off to the highest bidder in the same amount of time that it takes a webpage to load. The advertiser that wins the auction--just like in any real-life auction--is the one who has placed the highest bid for the ad. 
Cost: Depends on the platform and the marketing company and how high the advertiser is willing to bid for the ad.
Benefits: Real-time ads that are tailor-made for each potential client. Your ad will potentially reach only the highest quality potential customers and reap the most beneficial results.

Benefits Of Search Engine Advertising


One of the most popular types of online advertising, search engine advertising does just what its name implies: it uses search terms to target customers. When your potential customers enter in a search term that you're paying for, your website will be shown to the most optimal customers. You can choose your own budget and only pay for the number of clicks you can afford each day. Most online retailers use or have at least heard of search engine advertising.

Cost: You generally choose whether to pay per click or per impression.

Benefits: Target a specific audience and only pay for the customers who click on your ad.

While online marketing isn't an exact science, it can be easier to understand than other forms of marketing. Hiring an online marketing team can also help increase the odds of success on such a quickly moving platform. An adviser can help you make the right decisions regarding your online marketing campaign, work with your budget and advise you of any potential risk.

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