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in-app_advertisingShopping. The end goal is the same, but the process has changed dramatically over the years. By next year, it’s said that two-thirds of the World’s Internet consumption will come via smartphones and tablets. What does that mean for your business? Well, the mobile experience will change how we shop forever and that means your advertising campaigns need to be different too.

Smart brands know that apps build loyalty. Most mobile users seem to want an app to enhance their shopping journey, whether they’re looking for groceries or a new sofa. On a broad level, apps present advertisers with a unique opportunity to interact with consumers who could become brand advocates.

In-app advertising is effective. While some people continue to harbor reservations about clicking on banner ads within a web browser context, in-app advertising is far subtler. Those sorts of ads are less intrusive and don’t interrupt the user’s experience in the same way. Because of those reasons, people are more reception in-app advertising.

Choosing the right advertising format is crucial. Explore ideas that can be embedded within the user’s existing content and that, perhaps, only surface at natural points (such as between levels in a video game or during a break in a TV show).

The timing of any ad campaign is also vitally important. Research into modern tendencies indicates that we’re far more likely to be in an ‘engaged’ mode when we’re relaxing and killing time. That is to say, we’re more receptive to an ad when we’re kicking back and catching up with our news feeds or playing a game, then when we’re actively participating with something (such as reading a long article or researching for item reviews).

Selling your ad space through real-time auctions helps everyone: publishers, advertisers and potential customers. Ad impressions are sold to the highest bidders, but let’s not lose sight of the fact that you’re surfacing highly-targeted ads to exactly the right group of people. And as mobile use grows, so will your advertising budget.

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Adam Parikh

Written by Adam Parikh

In a 13+ year career on the forefront digital marketing, I have proven to be an online marketer and ecommerce professional that delivers results. My deepest knowledge lies in Search (PPC + SEO) and Display (Programmatic, RTB, DSP). I am also well versed in email, affiliate, comparison shopping engines and social media marketing.