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4 Ways to Maximize PPC Ad Optimization

Posted by Aaron Gibeaut

May 3, 2016 9:00:00 AM

Successfully designing and managing a Pay Per Click advertising campaign can be a highly effective, yet challenging endeavor for even the savviest of marketing experts. Many PPC campaigns end up unsuccessful simply because their managers have no idea how to optimize them towards the right audience.

If you want your PPC campaign to deliver a profit to your company, then you're going to need some guidance on how to ensure that your customers will start clicking on your ads and offering up crucial conversions. Following, we'll cover some of the most effective and efficient ways to maximize your PPC ad results, through accurate and careful optimization.

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Topics: PPC, Ad Optimization, PPC Advertising, Price Per Click Advertising

How to Build a Successful Programmatic Media Buying Strategy

Posted by Adam Parikh

Apr 28, 2016 11:42:56 AM

As a modern marketer, it's practically impossible to ignore the impact that programmatic media buying is having on the digital world. The technology involved with programmatic buying is having a profound impact on the way that consumers interact with brands, as well as the way that brands develop a greater return on their investments. Programmatic buying, which programmatic media buying automates the purchase of media, has demonstrated an unprecedented amount of efficiency in a world where customers are constantly connected to their devices.

As the rise of programmatic buying continues to show promise in the digital world, it's crucial for businesses and brands to stay on top of the latest updates, and understand the powerful potential this strategy has to offer. Following, we'll cover a few of the steps you'll need to consider in developing your own programmatic media buying strategy.

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Topics: Programmatic Media Buying, Dynamic Display Ads, Real-Time Bidding, Real-Time Media Buying, Dynamic Ads, Ad Creatives, Programmatic Ad Buying, Advertising Platform

Coachella Offers Refuge For The Social Media Obsessed, Especially Snapchatters

Posted by Tim Nichols

Apr 19, 2016 3:16:43 PM

With nearly 200,000 tickets sold in 2015 that helped gross over $84 million dollars, Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is one of the most famous, largest and profitable music festivals in the country. Dominating the Billboard Touring Awards list for the top music festival since 2011 doesn't mean the event has always been profitable. Starting in 1999 and relaunching 2001 it took the festival several years to find the right mix of ticket pricing, attendance size, musical talent and sponsors.

Over the past 17 years power of the Internet has become a completely different animal and Coachella appears to have its finger on the pulse of online success. From live streaming music and entertainer interviews to professionally managing all of their social media accounts, Coachella is sharing their special event all over the World. Growing to nearly 1.7 million likes of their Facebook page, 870k plus followers on Instagram, 785k followers on Twitter and over 446k YouTube subscribers, Coachella's online voice is very strong and continuously growing.

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Topics: Twitter, Social Media, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Facebook Page, Hoverboard

Carefree Communities Raises Over $30,000 For Disabled American Veterans At Their Annual Carefree's Got Talent Competition

Posted by Tim Nichols

Apr 14, 2016 9:00:00 AM

Mar 29, 2016, 14:52 ET from Carefree Communities, Inc. The 5th annual event featured 26 acts, and a $5,000 grand prize made possible by sponsors Tengo Internet, Jacobsen Homes, ExactDrive, and a number of other corporate, individual and community donations.

The 5th Annual Carefree's Got Talent (CGT) competition finale drew nearly 1,800 Carefree Community residents to the Lakeland Center in Lakeland, Florida on March 23 and raised an astonishing $33,243 to support Disabled American Veterans (DAV). Carefree has worked closely with DAV over the past three years raising $100,000 in cash and in-kind donations to help veterans get benefit and disability compensation.  According to DAV State Veteran Administration Volunteer Service Chairman, Mary Ann Keckler, "100% of the donation will go directly to helping veterans who are determined by the VA to be disabled by an injury or illness that was incurred or aggravated during active military service."

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Topics: Got Talent Competition, Sponsors, Carefree Communities, Disabled American Veterans

Online Political Advertising Is On the Rise

Posted by Aaron Gibeaut

Apr 12, 2016 9:00:00 AM

When it comes to political campaigning, most candidates are constantly searching for new and effective ways to reach out to their target audience in a way that not only provides information, but encourages action. While the days of the televised debate and commercial advertisement are far from over, it's fair to suggest that online political advertising is definitely on the rise. A report published in 2015 by Borrell - a company responsible for tracking ad spending, found that the overall ad-spend for this year is predicted to be at around $11.4 billion - 20% higher than it was in 2012.

While the jump itself is impressive enough, what's truly telling is how that money is predicted to be spent. Around $1 billion of that amount should be invested entirely on digital media - an increase of almost 5000% compared to the online advertising efforts of 2008. According to the same study, by 2020, the presidential election cycle will be enough to raise online advertising expenditure to more than $3 billion.

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Topics: Political Advertising, Politics

5 Benefits of Self-Serve Advertising

Posted by Sarah Butera

Apr 7, 2016 9:00:00 AM

No matter the size of your marketing business, the chances are that you've already experienced how challenging it can be to find the perfect advertising solutions for every client you work with. While some brands will benefit more from a marketing strategy that focuses entirely on their social presence, others will need to think outside of the box with dynamic creative and video content.

Self-serve advertising helps to reduce the costs and concerns typically associated with finding the right advertising platforms, by allowing clients to take control over every aspect of their marketing scheme. Rather than having to pay out for a sales team to help organize and manage ads from a variety of different marketing approaches, self-serve advertising platforms make establishing a brand name or presence online easier than ever.

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Topics: Online Advertising, Self Serve Advertising Platform, Self Serve Advertising

How to Make Online Advertising Work for You

Posted by Eric Greener

Apr 5, 2016 9:00:00 AM

Online advertising has the unique ability to reach out instantly to people across the entire world. If you're in the advertisement industry, then you probably know that online advertising has emerged as the primary platform for advertising in businesses throughout the globe - big or small. In fact, research suggests that in the following few years, online advertising will continue to outshine all other forms of promotion.

Of course, because of the possibilities that online advertising has brought to the marketing world, achieving the best results on the world wide web has become something of a challenge. Not only do you need to search for ways to maximize your online potential, but you also need to ensure that your efforts are more impressive than your competitors, otherwise you could end up getting lost in the crowd. With that in mind, here's some insight into how you can make online advertising work for your business.

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Topics: Internet Advertising, Online Advertising, retargeting, Local Advertising

3 Powerful Benefits of Native Advertising

Posted by Adam Parikh

Mar 31, 2016 9:30:00 AM

As an advertising option that has more potential to go viral than banners, and is more transparent than print, native advertising is quickly gaining popularity in the marketing world. As a concept, native advertising focuses on the idea of creating an advertisement that blends in with its surroundings. Rather than being the main focus of the content, and potentially disrupting customers, native advertising provides content in the context of the existing user experience.

The chances are that you've already seen a number of different examples of native advertising when browsing online. For example, native advertising might refer to a suggested post on Facebook, a sponsored tweet on Twitter, or one of the videos recommended to you when you start browsing YouTube.

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Topics: Customer Loyalty, Native Advertising, Facebook Native Ads, Twitter Native Ads, In-Feed Native Ads, Engagement

Why Is Consumer Intent So Powerful?

Posted by Tim Nichols

Mar 29, 2016 11:17:00 AM

Consumer intent may be the most powerful data that any business has access to when it comes to improving sales and establishing popularity in their industry. Consumer intent shows up when an online user conducts a search using a keyword or phrase that indicates an item or service they're interested in. For example, if someone searches for "black leather boots", you can probably assume that they're thinking about buying a pair in the near future.

A study recently conducted by "Think with Google" found that brands who are relying on demographics alone to reach out to their audience could be missing out on a huge number of potential customers - up to 70% of mobile shoppers. The reason for this is that understanding why someone's searching for something, and what resources they're using to find that thing can help you to maximize your search retargeting campaign, by ensuring you present banners and advertisements to people that show the exact product they need.

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Topics: Data Analytics, retargeting, Search Retargeting, Consumer Intent

Branding, Rebranding, and Uber's New Logo

Posted by Blog Tipster

Mar 24, 2016 9:00:00 AM

Guest post by Charlotte Ahlin.

Everything from the shiny new Apple TV to the lowliest flashlight app on your phone has a brand. Branding is how companies stand out: it’s your name, your identity, your blueprint. But what happens when you change your look overnight? And we’re not talking about a little fluffing here - we’re talking a full fledged head-to-toe makeover. Well, then you pull an Uber and totally rebrand your image.

If you haven’t noticed already, Uber has completely revamped their look: out with the old black and white “U,” and in with a totally new icon in deep teal (if you’re in the U.S., anyway). So, good luck trying to find the Uber app this weekend at 4am.

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Topics: Guest Blog, Uber, Rebranding, Uber logo, Branding

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