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dunkin donuts digital ads.jpgToday's diverse digital world is brimming with creative and innovative ways to get your brand message to your audience. If you haven't already made digital advertising a part of your company plan, then now's the time to get started. However, it's worth remembering that not all of your ads will be instantly successful. It takes time to figure out which key elements work best for your brand, and which factors capture the interest and loyalty of your audience.

If you want to make sure that you're constantly improving your online ads, and ensuring that you increase your chances of sales, then you need a strategy that involves frequently upgrading and optimizing your marketing campaigns. Here are a few quick tips that will help you to optimize your digital ads for success online.

1. Know What Makes You Different

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While there's nothing wrong with a little bit of competitor analysis to help you see what other companies in your industry are doing to get customer attention, don't lose track of what sets you apart. In a world where customers are constantly plagued by a range of different advertisements and marketing materials, you need to make sure that you're giving them something unique if you want them to take notice. Know what makes you different, and keep hold of that aspect in all of your digital ads.

2. Do Your Research

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You might have a few good ideas of what will work best for your audience based on the past experiences that you've had making ads, but make sure that you conduct thorough research and gather the data you need to support your decisions. Assuming something about your customers is never as beneficial as actually getting the information that supports your hypothesis.

3. Define Your Key Metrics Before You Launch

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In online advertising, it's impossible to optimize something that you can't define. That means that you'll need to figure out exactly what means success to you, and how you're going to measure that success. For instance, are you interested in improving cost per lead, cost per sale, or cost per click? Set goals and priorities for each of your digital campaigns, and this will help to direct your efforts along the right path.

4. Plan A Few Key Variables

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You can't test every aspect of your digital ad at once, so you're going to need to figure out which variables you want to target first. Usually, it's a good idea to start off simple, and remember that you should only test your ads one element at a time. For instance, you might begin with different copy, then move onto different images, or buttons for your call to action.

5. Know How Long To Wait Before Making Changes

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Great digital advertisement optimization is all about focusing on the data that's available to you and using the information you have to make small adjustments based on the things you learn. If you haven't had time to learn anything from your changes yet, then you're not optimizing, you're just changing your ad. With digital, you should be able to get a good sense for what's working, and what isn't within a week or two. 

6. Spend Your Budget Wisely

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Every platform that you can use for your digital advertising efforts online will provide a different level of value. You'll need to take the time to analyze which outlets are most beneficial to you before you start using up your ad budget. Some platforms that work well for one company, will yield no results for another. Figuring out which platform is going to help your advertising efforts is crucial for your campaigns.

7. Know Your Target Audience

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Fully understanding who your target audience is, and what they want from you is crucial to making a real impact with your digital advertising campaign. Take the time to define your buyer personas, and figure out how you can make your ads more appealing to the right customers. This might even mean segmenting and creating different ads for different groups.

8. Keep Testing

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Finally, remember that just because an advertisement seems to be performing "well enough" doesn't mean that it's completely optimized. If you want to get the most out of your marketing spend, then you need to be prepared to keep tweaking and evolving your ads as you learn more about your industry and your customers. Marketing isn't static, online, the digital space is constantly evolving, so you should be evolving with it.

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