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wasting_online_advertising_dollarsThere is an ongoing problem with online advertising – that of fraudulent traffic. According to research, over a third of traffic generated from online ads is fraudulent. Bot traffic cheats advertisers because marketers usually pay for ads whenever they are loaded in response to users hitting a web page (regardless of whether the users in question are real).

That’s clearly no good. If you’re going to the trouble of creating content, placing ads, and monitoring your campaigns, you want to know that your paid traffic is actually authentic.

Some businesses are reluctantly resorting to cutting back on advertising spend; others are using sophisticated methods to analyze their audiences. Ultimately, it’s up to you which direction you take your advertising strategy, but there are a number of ways in which you can cut back on spend wastage.

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How To Decrease Online Advertising Waste?

1. For starters, try and verify your audience with certain analytic features, such as regular and scheduled reporting within advertising platforms. Stay on top of where ads are served and where clicks are generated so that you can ensure that your messages are being absorbed in an appropriate context.

2. Also, results-orientated campaigns tend to have less wasted spend because they require that clients receive quality leads at a set cost per acquisition. Your business needs to focus on true lead generation as opposed to vague awareness campaigns. That way, you’ll be dealing with pure ROI and it’ll be easier to see how much bang you’re getting for your marketing buck.

3. Resort to basic information about how your advertising dollars are being spent, plus how much time, money and effort it takes to manage that spend. By constantly monitoring your activity, the chances of spewing unnecessary budget are vastly reduced. To that end, don’t be tempted to employ an ad agency or an online advertising platform firm that cut corners or avoid critical questions. You should always have access to all the data you want at the drop of a hat.

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