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keep-it-simpleAs the online advertising industry continues to popularize a programmatic media buying format with real-time bidding abilities that work in tandem with automated advertising optimization our jobs seem to be getting busier and more overwhelming. Yes, technology is getting faster and smarter but the amount of expected work output and expert knowledge required is increasing in parallel. Or so that's how a person can easily start to feel if they don't read our online media buying recommendations we are sharing below. Kidding.

We deal with thousands of online advertising campaigns and have built a proprietary advertising platform around the process of buying media online. As a result, we are constantly refining the process, observing issues, and working to make the entire online advertising process easier, more effective, and successful.

Lets get started:

Ask Questions No One Else Is Asking.

Lets be clear from the beginning. I am not suggesting to be one of those annoying front row students that loses all of the blood from their hand because they won't stop raising their hand asking questions every 30 seconds. Asking multiple obvious questions is just as disruptive as sitting back and asking one overly complicated question that doesn't have any relevance beyond wanting to sound like the smartest person in the room. I'm talking about good ole fashion logical questions that are wrapped in common sense. Sounds shocking but it's possible.

Get down to the root of WHY a client is requesting certain information or wanting you to answer certain questions then your job will most likely get a lot easier. Why is the client asking about "Look-a-like targeting off first-party cookie segmentation" out of the blue? Why is the client asking how many vegetarian females between the ages of 25-35 live in zip code 90403? Why is the client wanting to upload 150 different banner creatives once a week instead of using dynamic ads?

Challenge your own assumptions while at the same time exploring the "Why" of the question before deciding "What" to do about it or how to answer. Remember, it's okay to dig deeper into a question or a request from a client instead of just reacting and responding. Asking for feedback can be your golden ticket to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory of successful online media buying. Just don't act like Grandpa Joe along with the way.

Pull Your Own Red Wagon While Collaborating.

Dr. Jim Yong Kim, the 12th president of the World Bank Group, recently wrote an article entitled "What I Learned From Bill Gates". In that article he said, "Research suggests that creativity is less an attribute of individuals than an emergent property that bubbles up within communities of people solving problems together." In other words, innovation comes from collaboration, or don't be an island, or arrogance breeds ignorance or talking and discussing with your colleagues and teammates is a GOOD idea.

Pulling your own red wagon while collaborating refers to the concept that even though being independent and self-motivated at your job is important, so is collaborating with others. Discussing concepts, asking questions, learning what they have done in the past that has worked or failed. Naturally the ideal goal here is to know when you should pull in external resources and when it is okay to step back into your vacuum, put your head down and get to work.

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Richard Crittenden

Written by Richard Crittenden

Digital Media Buyer at ExactDrive. Wisconsin native. Interested in all things programmatic.

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