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Today, it's safe to say that businesses have more opportunities and more avenues for advertisement than ever before. However, deciding on an effective advertising method - particularly when your business is small or mid-sized, can be difficult, depending on the resources that are available to you. Creative marketing can be time-consuming and expensive when done improperly, but when you know how to get the most out of your creatives, you can be rewarded with the revenue that your company so desperately needs to survive.

Online advertising is an essential part of gaining steam in the business world today, and part of delivering great advertising campaigns on the World Wide Web can be attributed to the delivery of highly effective and eye-catching creative. Regardless of who you're selling to, the right creative can lead to brand recognition, which leads to conversions, profits, and of course: business success. So how do you build the best creatives for your campaign?

  1. Build a Foundation For Your Creatives in Customer Insight

Reaching out to your customers and finding out what they care about may be the most beneficial thing you can do for your creatives today. For instance, we've all seen the success generated by companies that let their customers have an impact on future products and services - for instance: the Crash the Super Bowl Contest. If you connect with your customer on a level that makes them want to engage with your business or brand, the chances are that they're going to be far more interested in whatever you create. Try asking fans of your company to introduce their own potential advertisements or banners for your business, then get others to vote on which one they like the most. Don't just show your audience your creatives - get them involved!

  1. Make Sure You have a Simple, Clear Message

A lot of companies get so caught up into trying to convince customers to buy from them, that they forget to draw attention to what their business is actually about. Try to establish a single clear message that your creatives can put across, so that your audience has no doubts about what they're dealing with. This means cutting down all the unnecessary verbiage, adjectives, and comparisons that don't directly underscore what you're trying to say. If your creatives are confusing or complex, the chances are that you're not going to get the conversions that you want.



  1. Speak to the Collective, and the Individual

For a lot of professionals, creating a successful advertisement is all about speaking directly to your target market. Although it's true that it is important to develop a creative that speaks to your audience as a whole, that doesn't mean that you should ignore the benefits of adding a touch of personalization. The best creative will speak not only to everyone within your consumer group - but also to each person individually. This might mean using a series of retargeting campaigns that appear to people within certain locations in different formats, or offer insights after a fan watches a particular video, or visits a certain page. Personalizing the experience that your customer has is more likely to convince them that you're invested in developing their experience - and they will reward you for that with their loyalty and custom.



  1. Make Sure Your Creative Is Authentic

Part of building the best creatives for your campaign is being able to balance between showing off what's truly amazing about your product or service, and ensuring that your advertisements remain honest and authentic. Don't simply tell your audience that you're the best around without having proof to support that claim - and make sure that you don't market yourself as being able to accomplish amazing feats unless you're absolutely sure that you're going to be able to come through when tested. The right creative should be engaging, exciting, and inspiring enough to prompt your audience into action, but it should be able to do this while still holding on to a sense of authenticity.



  1. Plan Ahead with Your Budget

When building amazing creatives for their advertising campaigns, plenty of companies plan exactly how they're going to spend each cent of their budget - then forget about what they're going to do if unforeseen trends appear in the market, or they need to engage in some spontaneous campaigns. Part of the work in building a successful marketing budget is planning for the unforeseen eventualities. If everyone within your industry suddenly jumps onto the bandwagon, delivering creatives in a certain format, across a certain range of phone apps, or website pages - then you don't want to be the only one left out of the loop. Remember to keep money aside for an emergency creative whenever the occasion calls for it.

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Elise Kuhlow

Written by Elise Kuhlow

I work on the advertising operations team with a primary focus on ad creative design and creation for our clients. Graphic designer & Artist. Amateur introvert. Unapologetic animation practitioner. Beer aficionado. Bacon geek. Online advertising all-star.