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Why is Facebook Advertising so great? Well, mainly because most people have a Facebook account. Facebook still has the greatest number of members out of all the social media platforms and, crucially, the highest proportion of active users.

But there’s more to it than that. Depending on which privacy settings have been set, advertisers can access a gold mine of information about you: everything from where you live to your favorite sports team. Now, we all know that a bespoke approach makes for the best advertising strategy, so armed with these details, you can segment your target audience like you wouldn’t believe.

Facebook (via their ever-improving technology) continually strives to serve up relevant content. That in turn increases the chances of advertisers displaying an ad to an engaged user. But what else should be across? Here are 5 things we think are vitally important before embarking on any Facebook Advertising campaign.

1. Go in with an established goal.

Are you after increased website traffic or more Facebook likes? Vast amounts of leads or greater engagement with existing customers? Be specific about what you want to achieve from your campaign.

2. Drive downloads for a mobile app.

Nearly half of all Facebook activity is carried out on a mobile phone. If you get the chance to develop a mobile app to enhance your brand, take it.

3. Create a Facebook page.

You don’t have to create a Facebook page to initiate a Facebook ad, but if you don’t, then you can’t connect the two. And if you can’t do that, then your ad will always appear in the column of ads on the right-hand side of someone’s Facebook activity as opposed to within their news feed. This might only seem like a small thing, but it’s not. Without getting into all the benefits of native advertising, having an ad that blends into someone’s natural Facebook experience is preferred.


4. Customize your ad headline.

The automatic setting within Facebook is for the ad headline to be the same as your page’s title. By making them different, you increase the chances of your ad catching the eye.

5. Don’t be afraid to edit your campaign.

You can edit your campaign’s end date or budget anytime you like. Look at what’s working and what isn’t, and experiment to see what results you can get.

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Tim Nichols

Written by Tim Nichols

Tim Nichols is a founding partner at ExactDrive, a digital media buying agency with white label, reseller and managed service options available. ExactDrive plans, manages, and optimizes online advertising campaigns with the objective of delivering measurable value and empowering clients to find precisely targeted audiences. ExactDrive has offices in Minneapolis, MN, Milwaukee, WI and SouthWest Florida.

Tim Nichols is also a contributing author on Forbes.com.

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