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exact-drive-self-serve-advertisingNo matter the size of your marketing business, the chances are that you've already experienced how challenging it can be to find the perfect advertising solutions for every client you work with. While some brands will benefit more from a marketing strategy that focuses entirely on their social presence, others will need to think outside of the box with dynamic creative and video content.

Self-serve advertising helps to reduce the costs and concerns typically associated with finding the right advertising platforms, by allowing clients to take control over every aspect of their marketing scheme. Rather than having to pay out for a sales team to help organize and manage ads from a variety of different marketing approaches, self-serve advertising platforms make establishing a brand name or presence online easier than ever.

So what are the main benefits associated with this form of advertising?

1. Self-Serve Advertising Provides Control

If you're an advertiser, you should already know that there are few things more frustrating than having no control over your ad campaigns. Self-serve advertising allows you to choose every aspect of a marketing strategy, from the audience you want to track and target, to the way you want to approach new customers, the creatives you'd like to display, and even where your advertisements will show up on certain websites.

self serve advertising platform

Not only does this make managing an advertising campaign easier, but it also takes some of the strain out of improving and adapting a campaign over time. With self-serve advertising, you can simply adjust certain metrics in your campaign according to the information you receive over time. For instance, if you find that you get more customers over the age of 40, then you might adjust your targeting to seek people in this particular circle.

2. Self-Serve Advertising Maximizes Your Budget

It doesn't matter who an advertising campaign is for, there's always going to be a budget involved. This is one of the many reasons why marketers have begun to turn away from the spray-and-pray approach to advertising, which works on attempting to bombard as many people as possible with the same advertisement in the hope that you'll eventually find someone it applies to.

By allowing you to select demographical targeting options such as age, gender, geographical location, and more, you can increase your chances that you only end up paying for advertisements that are actually going to make a difference to your profit margin.

3. Self-Serve Advertising Lets You Choose

If you're running an advertising campaign for a company that sells security software, you're unlikely to draw many conversions if your ads show up on a website for car enthusiasts. Self-serve advertising gives you access to thousands of different options for website real estate, so that you can select the location that will be most beneficial to your needs.

Exact Drive Self Serve Advertising Platform

Some self-serve advertising solutions will even give you an opportunity to target inventory by category, or consider recommended locations that are suggested based on the rest of the advertising campaign.

4. Self-Serve Advertising Provides Options

It's often hard to determine which approach will work best for any given advertising strategy without running a few tests. Using self-serve advertising platforms, you can see what happens when you attempt to increase engagement through video advertising, or establish a more interactive social following with Facebook exchange advertising capabilities.

The more you learn while testing different advertising opportunities, the more you can alter and update your marketing strategy to suit the needs of a specific client or target audience - without having to worry about paying extra to start the whole process from scratch.

5. Self-Serve Advertising is New and Exciting

Finally, self-serve advertising is a brand new approach in the world of online advertising that means it's got plenty of room to grow. At this point, plenty of businesses appreciate self-serve solutions in the world of ad-buying and marketing management, but as these strategies become more precise and more innovative, they're bound to increase in popularity.

With self-serve solutions, companies can access a cost-effective and impressive way to make the most out of their advertising strategies, meaning that clients get better results, and marketing businesses develop better reputations in the digital world.

Choosing Self-Serve Advertising

As new and effective solutions to highly-personalized advertising efforts become more significant in the modern marketing world, self-serve advertising is a vital consideration for any business. With the right platform, you can access everything from behavioral targeting to search retargeting in the same place, and analyze the results accordingly to provide clients with ever-more-impressive results.

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Written by Sarah Butera

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