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how_to_advertise_to_millennialsTo sell to any audience, you have to understand them. You need to discover how they think, act and what motivates their purchase decisions – and this is especially true of the Millennial Generation, also known as “Generation Y”, who represent the consumer market of the future.

This generation, (born between 1980 and the early 2000’s), has grown up in a technological world. Unlike previous generations, they have lived their whole lives knowing what television, computers, and telephones are. They have witnessed the rise of the Internet and are used to having an immediate, ever-present source of information at their fingertips. They are also founders of the revolutionary social media movement.

This tech-savvy, media-connected generation is unique. They engage with brands far more extensively, personally, and emotionally than any generation before, and marketers require a unique approach to reach them.

So what’s the secret to advertising to the Millennials? Here are a few tips…

1.) Understand what Millennials want

Millennials expect a two-way, mutual relationship with companies. They want authentic experiences that immerse them in the brand story and allow them to be content creators.

One way to do this is by encouraging customers to submit user-generated content, such as photos or videos, via your social feeds. Combining this with an incentive or contest will go a long way to inspiring people to share.

2.) Show that you Care

Millennials are often referred to as the optimistic generation; they’re raring to change the World. They may be inclined therefore to think more highly of brands that have a track record of giving back to the community.

Levi's is one brand who attempted to reach the Millennial population in this way - its 'Go Forth' campaign was developed to encourage youth around the World to participate in social and environmental initiatives.


Make the Millennials part of your brand story

Millennials expect more from brands than ever before. They want to have a platform to engage with a brand and provide feedback on their experiences. One way to do this is by encouraging your customers to submit user-generated content via your social feeds. Ask for pictures or videos relating to things millennials care about. In addition, offering an incentive or contest can go a long way in inspiring people to share.

Create Brand Advocates

According to SocialChorus Study of 500 Millennials’, 95% of millennials say that the most credible source for product information is their friends, while they also trust parents and online experts. This calls for a strategy that takes advantage of brand advocates and influencers, who will support you in social spaces.

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Written by Scott Bagguley

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