Dec 22, 2017 2:29:46 PM

Best Wishes For A Happy Holiday Season From ExactDrive

Best wishes for a Happy Holiday Season and our sincere gratitude for your goodwi

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Dec 30, 2015 9:07:29 AM

Did Retargeting Ruin Your Christmas?

When you visit a website and start shopping for a product, then see the same or similar products through an advertisement on Facebook or Google a couple of days later - it isn't a coincidence. Savvy online companies everywhere are making use of the effective strategy of "retargeting" - a technique designed to tailor ads specifically to the behavior a certain user displays.

Though retargeting has many benefits for consumer and company alike, it can become a problem during the festive season, if you want to keep your searched-for items a secret from other people using your computer. Fortunately, managing the ways in which you are served advertisements is possible if you know how to adjust your online activities.

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Jan 2, 2014 4:25:00 AM

Media Buyers Vs. Accountants: Who Drank More Over New Year's?

Welcome to 2014!

First, lets discuss the subject of this email. I think media buyers are the clear winners of binge drinking over New Year's. The online advertising industry gets a bit nutty leading up to the Christmas / Holiday Season. Come post tax day in April, accountants will be leading all professions in regards to drinking quantity and hangover intensity levels. Except for maybe Manhattan bankers, they seem to be equally hammered year-round.

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Dec 23, 2013 9:19:00 AM

Is Retargeting Prematurely Unwrapping Holiday Presents?

Who would have thought retargeting is working too well? Was your significant other less than surprised when they unwrapped their present? Several friends have complained about retargeting ads showing up displaying potential gifts in banner ads to their significant other, the sassy kids are even less impressed, yawning while opening the bat mobile Lego they knew was already under the wrapper.  "Thanks Mom", they drone, so much for the surprise. I recently read the popular blog post, "How Ad Retargeting Ruined Christmas" by Danny Sullivan complaining about a similar scenario.

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