Energize your media buys.

Be in full control of your online advertising campaigns with our digital media buying platform and managed services team. ExactDrive provides all the scale and speed you need to get optimal campaign results while combining unprecedented reporting insight, innovative strategy, brand safety, pricing control and ultra-precise targeting.

ExactDrive works behind the scenes to plan, manage and execute successful online ad campaigns, so you can focus on operational imperatives. Our digital media buying and planning platform provides a turn-key solution to plan, traffic, manage, and analyze your online ad campaigns.



Let us manage your digital media buys.

Simplify Online Advertising


ExactDrive simplifies complex digital media planning and buying schemes, offering a more convenient way to access the largest and highest quality inventory sources. Leverage a single interface to gain greater control of your online media buying. Set global budgets and targeting criteria, such as universal frequency capping, for deduplicated reach across multiple sources of inventory.

Optimize Online Advertising


A sharp, forward-looking online advertising campaign delivers better results using fewer dollars. That means spending less to attract new customers, strengthen relationships and expand markets. Optimize for efficiency across the entire buying process and get complete transparency into all sites in your online media buy.

Verify Online Advertising


With ExactDrive, you can be sure you’re targeting premium inventory at the right price that meets all of your requirements — not buckets of inventory with questionable value. Sophisticated machine learning predicts the estimated value of every impression for every campaign, creative and advertiser, and continuously improves predictions during the course of a campaign.

Analyze Online Advertising


ExactDrive helps you achieve your strategic goals — then we deliver the in-depth, transparent data you need to measure ad performance, quantify success and improve decision-making. We support 100% real-time bidding on any inventory source running in real-time. Your impression-by-impression bidding can be optimized for CTR, CPC or CPA.

Coordinate Online Advertising


We help you figure out key audiences and points of influence on the path to purchase. Testing determines the right exposure/medium/channel to drive desired actions. Incorporate first-party retargeting data or third-party audience data from any major source to find precisely the audience segments you want to reach.

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Read a few of our case studies listed below. We are committed to helping our clients generate more qualified leads to grow their businesses.

Travel Leaders

Targeted offers to engaged audiences generated tremendous website traffic and slashed acquisition costs.

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Personalized retargeting and dynamic display ads work together to produce higher click rates And better conversions.

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Fox Broadcasting Company

Delivered a 40% increase in impressions per market, and click-through rates 4X higher than the national average.

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Combining dynamic ads and retargeting reroutes casual visitors, transforming them into loyal customers.

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ExactDrive Making News Again.

Media Post

"RTB could potentially motivate media buyers to erroneously pay lower prices to advertise online while still expecting equal performance."

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PR Web

“Real-time bidding and real-time media buying creates one-to-one connections to consumers with greater scale, effectiveness and efficiency.”

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