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justAd Mobile Rich Media Advertising PlatformBy Stefanie Amini, Mobile Advertising Specialist, justAd

In case you didn't know, an average person looks at his or her mobile phone 150 times everyday. I certainly look well over that number. It isn't actually about the numbers. Its about the fact that smartphones are now a vital part of everyone's lives and we cant imagine a world without them. This presents marketers with a fantastic opportunity to present their brands to potential users or acquisitions. For those who have not taken up this marvelous opportunity, they should know that they have missed a great opportunity. However, brand owners should know that it’s not yet too late to join the bandwagon and reap the benefits that mobile can offer your business.

Here are 7 excellent reasons why you cannot afford to be a late adopter of mobile advertising.

1. Mobile Is What Customers Use

You need to comprehend that the use of mobile has increased by a huge margin. Today, people are using their mobile phones in many ways than they did before. Just look at your own life. You can easily order a cab at the touch of a touch screen button, you can order food right to your front door and you can even buy that Christmas outfit without leaving, well anywhere you are currently. This is not just it. Desktop uses are on a constant decline. The amount of time that people spend on their mobile devices is much more than what they would on their desktops. This is why businesses should adopt mobile advertising as it helps provide the business with tactics to increase their market share.

2. Mobile Sharing Is Golden

When your business s content is shared by mobile users, it tends to reach many people when compared to other methods of sharing. You can reach a wider audience, provided that you incorporate rich media ads in your mobile advertising campaigns. Most online buyers act on recommendations from their friends. This is the case with most social media messages which received massive publicity after being shared by the recipients. There is no doubt that your mobile advertising effort can achieve better results when there are many people sharing your branding messages.

3. Mobile Users Are More Likely To Take Action

There is no doubt that mobile users have better chances of taking actions than those who use desktops. A huge percentage of mobile advertising audience normally acts within an hour by clicking a link, visiting your landing page or completing a sale. This makes mobile advertising mandatory for enterprises which have not adopted it. Moreover, you can send your customers marketing messages that are specifically targeted at them, therefore delivering the best results in the long run.

4. Most Mobile Messages Are Opened

It’s hard for a mobile user to ignore a message which is received on a mobile device. Almost all messages that are received on a customer’s phone are opened, therefore making the adoption of mobile advertising a must. Almost everyone owns a mobile phone and if you can improve on the integrity of the message by verifying the recipients using their telephone messages, there is no doubt that your mobile advertising can succeed.

5. Mobile Advertising Is Cost Effective

The amount of money which you spend to market your brands using mobile is quite low than when you use print, radio or television. Your business can benefit immensely when the amount of money which it uses send out its marketing message is reduced. By virtue of the fact that mobile advertising offers a higher return on investment than the above methods, every business will really love to run an effective campaign.

6. Setting Up Mobile Marketing Campaign Is Easy

The procedures that are taken to set up mobile marketing campaigns are not as hard as many people would think. By working with an experienced advertising agency, the length of time which it takes to get your advertising campaign rolled out is much shorter. the added bonus is that the agencies get their mobile services from 3rd parties who really understand mobile and can do the best for the campaign. justAd, who supports agencies with their rich media ads is a perfect example. Agencies can log into the self service studio, make the rich media ads according to the campaign requirements, and simply take the tag and run the ad to their target market. You can make a lot of difference when you choose to work with the best company which knows what it takes to deliver the best marketing services for mobile. I personally recommend working with agencies in this case.

7. You Can Reach A Wider Coverage Quickly

Mobile advertising provides a method to help you reach customers that are dispersed in a wider geographical area. Provided that you have their numbers or have a way of reaching them, it will not be very hard for you to achieve your preferred results. It’s simply about knowing where the customer/user is. I’ve said that customers are on mobile, but where are they browsing? Which apps are they in on a regular basis? Some vital questions to lay down before you get started.

Final Thoughts

Just like social media and its adoption into marketing strategies (and it now being a must for all), mobile is now needed...why? Simply because everyone is there. Mobile advertising is in fact very vital for the growth of your business and it’s advisable that you have it included in your marketing strategy. Mobile should come first, but if you have not adopted it, it’s of great essence that you adopt it now. You stand to lose a lot by being late to incorporate mobile advertising into your marketing mix. However, you should ask your agency to include rich media ads in your mobile marketing messages.


Stefanie Amini is the Head of Marketing and specialist in Mobile Advertising at justAd, a leading self-service advertising platform that enables advertisers to create highly engaging rich media ads for mobile and tablet devices without the need for custom coding. She is chief writer and editor of Mobile Ad Geek, a blog for mobile advertising and marketing Experts. Follow her on Twitter @MobileAdGeek

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