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Jul 25, 2013 3:03:00 PM

Programmatic Media Buying Makes People More Important Than Ever

Exact Drive's Tim Nichols sits down with Myles Younger to discuss how programmatic media buying makes people more important than ever.

Myles Younger is head of marketing and business development at Canned Banners, a platform for dynamic display ad creative.

Tim Nichols: You've been focused on ad creative for a long time now. What's got you thinking about media buying?

Myles Younger: In building out Canned Banners' dynamic display ad business, obviously we're going to be judged almost exclusively on the performance outcomes of the campaigns that we run. And top performance comes from a symbiosis between ad creative and media buying (among other ingredients). So in order to develop a successful platform, I can't focus solely on ad creative any more; Canned Banners is basically joined at the hip with whichever media buyer or DSP is running our creative. It's been an awesome learning experience.

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Nov 26, 2012 10:23:00 AM

Life Balance as an Online Digital Media Buyer

The 2012 political season is finally over. Amen. Now everyone in the online advertising industry can take a well-deserved break. Actually, let’s just turn off our phones, unplug our laptops, and go sit on the beach until we have the perfect neon tan.

That’s a great pipedream to believe if you’re actively enjoying certain new laws passed in Washington or Colorado. Those of us in reality are first and foremost very appreciative if we were one of the few firms selected to generate a meaningful amount of new business from the short-term influx of online political advertising revenue that was thrown around. After reflecting on our newfound appreciation for the political cycle, we quickly realized that the fast and furious holiday season is starting to wake up. Bring it on Black Friday.

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