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The sheer volume of data generated by the average business today is astronomical. Every piece of information your company collects tells a story about your customers and your marketplace. This narrative can give your brand the guidance it needs to make confident decisions about the future, and how you want to expand your marketing efforts.

However, making sense of all the data generated by a business isn't always an easy task. The volume is so large that it can often present a serious challenge, regardless of how technologically savvy your organization might be. Fortunately, a marketing dashboard can help you to dive into the information you collect about your sales and advertising efforts, to discover which of your campaigns are the most effective.

Here are just some of the benefits of setting up your own integrated marketing dashboard.

1. Instant Visibility into Your Campaigns


A marketing dashboard essentially summarizes all the important information you've chosen to gather about your marketing campaigns. This gives you a quick and simple overview of how your programs are going. Thanks to integration, you can view multiple omnichannel campaigns at once and figure out exactly which of your strategies has the highest return on investment.

Because marketing dashboards are customizable, you can choose which Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) you want to monitor, and instantly visualize the things that matter to your brand.

2. Invest in Constant Improvement


With integrated marketing dashboards, you can adjust your marketing campaigns and constantly improve your relationships with your audience. After all, it's hard to improve if you don't know where you stand to begin with. Until you have a complete overview of your marketing campaigns, you can't know for certain which changes will help to improve your bottom line, and which will hold you back.

Marketing dashboards allow you to compare your real-time results with your long-term goals. Additionally, you can respond to what you see by reallocating your resources, shifting your strategies as needed, and staying on top of your game.

3. Improve Business Agility


We're living in a world where customer expectations and business trends are constantly changing, which means that modern companies have to be fast if they want to stay ahead of the curve. Having next-level visibility into your campaigns means that you can make quick decisions about your marketing plans before they have a chance to drain your budget.

Thanks to regular reporting on a range of ongoing performance statistics, when conditions in your marketplace begin to change, you can make sure that you're ready to jump into action and fit with what's going on.

4. Increase Operational Efficiency


As your business becomes increasingly agile, you'll discover that you grow more efficient across the board. This is because you'll be able to make decisions based on real, historical information, rather than just guesswork. With an integrated marketing dashboard, you should be able to see the information from all your campaigns on a single pane of glass, which makes decision-making even easier.

The more efficient you become, the more resources and time you will save in the long-term. You won't have to waste time and effort generating reports from various systems or using the insights of your IT personnel, instead, you can focus entirely on growing your business and making improvements for your future.

5. Motivate Your Employees and Satisfy Stakeholders

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Finally, integrated marketing dashboards allow you to keep everyone in your network happy. With dashboard visuals, you can show your employees how their work contributes to positive changes in your business performance. This can be enough to keep staff feeling happy and engaged in a business environment.

Additionally, dashboard visuals are also fantastic for appealing to your clients, investors, boards, and stakeholders, because they provide the most valuable information on how your business is performing. With the right dashboard, companies won't have to waste time on building presentations when they're coming face-to-face with an investor. Instead, they can simply pull up a real-time dashboard to show teams what's happening within the company right at that moment.

Support in an Ever-Changing Industry

The fast-moving marketing world is perfectly suited to the visual nature of dashboards. With an integrated dashboard solution, companies can avoid spending time and money on campaigns that won't do enough to benefit their business. The right dashboard could be the key to a more efficient and effective business environment.

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Adam Parikh

Written by Adam Parikh

In a 13+ year career on the forefront digital marketing, I have proven to be an online marketer and ecommerce professional that delivers results. My deepest knowledge lies in Search (PPC + SEO) and Display (Programmatic, RTB, DSP). I am also well versed in email, affiliate, comparison shopping engines and social media marketing.

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