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Agency bros and lady-bros, I've been there. You pitched the client, won the business, set the web strategy, developed the information architechture, followed SEO best practices, defined the UX, populated the content and squashed all the bugs. Now what?

Time and time again, we've seen great websites promoting strong products, services and content with SEM, Email and Affiliate programs. The consistent hole we've seen in marketing programs is remarketing. If there is remarketing, it is limited to a single network such as the Google Display Network.

We get it, there is enough work in selling the client on the website, not to mention a full suite of online marketing programs. Display can be one of the last tactics on the list to get sold in. The reality is display advertising and especially remarketing support all inbound marketing channels by messaging prospects that have visited the clients' website. Savvy marketers will integrate remarketing creative with current promotions to extend the reach and the exposure of the promotion.

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Topics: display advertising, retargeting, remarketing, digital agencies, Google Display Network

Adam Parikh

Written by Adam Parikh

In a 13+ year career on the forefront digital marketing, I have proven to be an online marketer and ecommerce professional that delivers results. My deepest knowledge lies in Search (PPC + SEO) and Display (Programmatic, RTB, DSP). I am also well versed in email, affiliate, comparison shopping engines and social media marketing.

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