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How Guerrilla Advertising Can Make You Famous

Posted by Adam Parikh on Dec 23, 2014 8:00:00 AM

Unconventional, whacky marketing tactics can have a massive impact. Guerrilla advertising is much like guerrilla warfare: placing ambushes, sabotages, raids and elements of surprise within the advertising industry. Despite it often being a low-cost tacticthat deliversmaximum results,it can be a risky business whenthe reputation if your brand is on the line. Guerrilla advertising undoubtedly provokes very strong opinions and emotional responses.

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Topics: Experiential Marketing, Guerrilla Adertising, Guerrilla Marketing, Social Experiments

Highlighting Your Mission With Social Experiments

Posted by Eric Greener on Oct 16, 2014 7:30:00 AM

If you saw a rack of refreshing beverages on a street corner with a sign that said,drop $1 in the box for a drink’, would you pay? This is the sort of moral conundrum posed by‘social experiment’ marketing, in which brands carry out experiments in a social environment to investigate how people react to certain situations.

Social experiments provide an ideal framework for guerrilla advertising, as they are cheap to stage, require little in terms of resources and have the potential to reach a huge number of consumers, by nature of being digital and shareableOften used by not-for-profit organizations to highlight a cause (Cause Related Marketing), this can be an extremely powerful way to communicate a message.

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Topics: Experiential Marketing, Guerrilla Adertising, Cause Related Marketing, Guerrilla Marketing, Ethics, Social Experiments

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