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Is It Time To Use Comic Books In Your Marketing Strategy?

Posted by Adam Parikh on Jul 15, 2014 10:30:00 AM

Comic books are cool. Everyone remembers reading them as a kid. Many of us still read them. Almost of all of us still love them. When it comes to storytelling, it’s hard to beat the success of the comic book. The history of the comic goes way back - scholars can trace its origins to as far back as the Lascaux cave paintings (over 1700 years ago).

And it’s fair to say that the comic book scene is extremely vibrant today. Despite technology and our ability to read content on smartphones, laptops and tablets, comic books are a visual medium that expresses ideas in a popular way. And it’s this storytelling prowess that marketers today can learn from when they plan their campaigns).

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Topics: Internet Advertising, Advertising Strategy, Comic Books, Marketing Strategy

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