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grapeshot_logoExactDrive has enjoyed working with GrapeShot for quite sometime. They offer a powerful technology suite that allows keyword targeting within the World of display advertising. Enjoyable to work with while helping us generating quality results for our clients, we are looking forward to working with Grapeshot for a long long time. Lets learn more about what Grapeshot is all about. 

The official line on Grapeshot is that they’re a software technology company that’s based in the UK and that helps other businesses with their advertising. But that doesn’t tell the whole story. The reality is that they’re a pioneering brand in the world of advertising, one that uses some truly innovative technology.

Grapeshot ensures that messages in an ad campaign have relevance to viewers. The idea is, quite rightly, that online advertising campaigns need to be seen in context if they are to be of interest to consumers. If someone is looking for a new handbag online, they’re more likely to be interested in a handbag advert than one for a sofa. We all get that logic, but the logistics of online advertising always restricted achieving this goal.



So, in a nutshell, thanks to its technology, Grapeshot maximizes the impact of an ad campaign and in doing so, have revolutionized the industry.

There’s no point wasting words describing the techie details of their software - we probably wouldn’t do it justice. But its origins are worth a mention. Grapeshot uses an Information Retrieval (IR) system that extract words and content on a web page, interprets them and then decides which advertising, e-commerce and content recommendations to make on each and every page impression. Oh and it does all this in super-fast time. We’re talking milliseconds.


Grapeshot’s founder is Dr Martin Porter of Cambridge University, and he’s been working on keyword search solutions since 1992. He devised a complex algorithm that can process billions of pieces of data very quickly and extremely accurately. All in real time, too.

In summary, Grapeshot allows businesses to operate smarter and essentially spend their marketing budgets wiser. Brands can use Grapeshot’s technology to be seen where they want to be seen, not next to trashy ads or irrelevant content. The intelligence facilitates highly targeted advertising campaigns and their clients include the likes of Microsoft, The Daily Telegraph and Thomson Reuters to name just a few.

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