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Dynamic Ads Can Change Your Business

If you want to stand out amongst the crowd of constantly competing businesses in your industry, then you're going to need to find an exciting and innovative way to creatively market your brand. As more businesses continue to migrate towards technology as a way of helping them find the interest and interaction they need, the term "dynamic" is becoming more popular than ever. From dynamic retargeting, to dynamic search engine advertisements, and dynamic ads, the world of dynamics could change your business dramatically. Learn more about setting up dynamic ads with ExactDrive.

Dynamic ads allow businesses to automatically change the information and advertisements they show according to the information they have and the user they are targeting. For instance, dynamic advertisements can use a selection of data to adapt their creative based on the needs and wants of the particular person that is viewing them. This means that an advertisement you create for a new pair of shoes could show up differently to people located in different parts of the world, males and females, customer behavior, and context - thereby delivering a more personal experience.

How Dynamic Display Advertising Works

Online, when a customer searches for a particular keyword, product, or phrase, they make selections during their search that help to determine exactly what they're looking for. By tracking this information, it is possible to learn a potential customer's preferences regarding a product, and adjust advertisements according to those preferences. For instance, if a person looking for a pair of women's shoes consistently searches for "green" shoes in "size 8", your advertisement can dynamically change to show pictures of the green shoes that you have to offer in their particular size. What's more, the banner creative will even redirect the customer towards the ideal page on your website for their needs when they do choose to click on it.

At the same time, the information gathered through dynamic display advertising can be used again for retargeting schemes in the future, a technique which may help to drive traffic back towards your website, and increase your chances of turning missed sales into profitable opportunities. Because these advertisements are dynamic, they constantly remain relevant to your customer, ensuring that you can avoid the pain of ad fatigue and banner blindness.

Dynamic Display Advertising Increases ROI and CTR

Many professional advertising experts today are aware that personalized and relevant content and advertisements tend to have the most successful impact on customers. Customers like to feel as though they are being targeted by advertisements that are specifically designed to solve their problems and offer them solutions. On the other hand, if you bombard individuals with constant advertisements for products and services that they don't need, they're likely to become overwhelmed, fatigued and agitated by your efforts.

Dynamic ads give consumers a more personalized feeling when dealing with adverts, which make them feel as though they are more important and more valuable to the company or business in question. What's more, using a semi-automated platform for dynamic creative can mean that companies may be able to test various different layouts, messages, and products in optimizing their marketing strategies. Through testing various display advertisements and formats, it's possible to access cross-sells and up-sells that direct distracted customers back to the cart page, and convince them to buy more products.

Dynamic Advertisements Can Adjust In Real Time

Finally, with dynamic ads, it is possible for businesses to constantly update and change the advertisements that they put out for customers depending on the inventory they have in stock and the offers that are running. For instance, there are few things more frustrating for a customer than seeing the ideal product they need in an advertisement, only to click through to the landing page and discover that the item they want isn't in stock, or hasn't been available for some time. Dynamic ads ensure that companies can constantly show an inventory that is up-to-date. What's more, these advertisements can even show possible alternatives to consumers based on their preferences to make sure they have a wide range of potential products to choose from.

Dynamic advertisements can even update according to deals and seasonal offers that are taking place, so that your customer always sees the right price for the item they are looking at. In other words, with these measures, a business can waste less of their crucial budget on ineffective advertisements, while offering their customers a better purchasing experience through the sales funnel.

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