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Don’t Press The Button! TNT Guerrilla Marketing

Posted by Adam Parikh on Sep 30, 2014 7:33:00 AM

When it comes to guerrilla marketing and experiential marketing strategies, there’s nothing quite like tapping into the human psyche and creating a bit of suspense. We love it. Marketing has to be engaging otherwise it’s failed, so creating something that’s very tempting (something you surreptitiously want your audience to do) might be the way to go.

Think back to Rowntree’s adverts in the 80s. They proudly claimed that it’s impossible to suck their sweets – you just have to chew them. And in more recent times, Derren Brown has made a career out of manipulating the (seemingly free) choices that we all have at our disposal. So when TV channel TNT placed a red button in a quiet square in Flanders, Belgium, they knew exactly what would happen. They could pretty much bank on someone pushing it,so they could do whatever they wanted - as it adhered to their tagline:

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