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ExactDrive Partners With MdotLabs To Help Detech Non-Human Traffic

Posted by Aaron Gibeaut on Jun 9, 2015 9:00:00 AM

comScore knew they were buying a great brand when they agreed a deal to acquire MdotLabs last summer. Technology and the Internet have combined to create a vast digital world that’s growing every day – and MdotLabs used innovative techniques to focuson something very important: helpingfight online fraud.

More specifically, we’re talking about protecting advertising companies from potentially malicious web traffic and ExactDrive is excited to be in partnership with mDotLabs (comScore).

Fraudulent attacks on the digital advertising industry are a big issue and, as such,protecting an advertising campaign has never been more necessary. Non-human traffic, click-farms and other shady bot-related activities gobble up roughly $14 billion in advertising spend. That figure is thought to amount to between 25% and 50% of ad spend per campaign.

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