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Advertising Adventures With Sympathetic Delta Air Lines

Posted by Tim Nichols on Jul 19, 2013 6:55:00 PM

This is a long story. So I'm driving along Interstate 70 in Colorado trying to make my flight from Denver to Minneapolis, Google Maps is telling me I'll be rolling into the airport around 2:30pm, which means that I'll be in great shape, as my flight is at 3:45pm. Then I start hearing on the radio about an accident on I-70 near I-270 and I don't know where that is except that I'm on I-70, and I'm still maybe 45 minutes from the Denver International Airport so I'm not too worried. I come in and around Denver, heading toward the East side of town and out toward the airport, and I hear again on the radio that I-270 and I-70 East are at a standstill because of this accident.

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