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Ad Viewability Versus Above-the-Fold Targeting: Which Matters More?

Posted by Tim Nichols on Sep 14, 2015 8:00:00 AM

What does the concept of ad viewability mean in the context of strategy? And what makes it more significant than above-the-fold targeting? Viewability is more important in digital marketing than ever before. But why? A large percentage of marketers still judge the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns by tracking the cost per thousand and click-through rates. Though this may work for some, unfortunately, the results of such an analysis are easy to skew. Various forms of digital advertising are beginning to see an increase in fraud, thanks to bots.

Lately, many scientific studies agree that "your ad being seen" is more important than your ad getting clicked. The simple reasoning behind this is that an advertisement is useless unless it can be seen. With this in mind, the concept of ad viewability continues to gain momentum within the tech industry.

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Topics: Online Advertising, display advertising, Ad Viewability, above the fold targeting

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