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Age, gender and income are the foundation of online advertising. Refine your approach using demographic targeting that places online banner advertising on sites your targets visit most often. Then customize geographically by country, state, city, DMA, ZIP code or congressional district.


Using the ExactDrive self-serve advertising platform, you can quickly flesh out your campaign's flight dates, budget, impressions, CPM and other metrics. Combine unprecedented pricing control with ultra-precise targeting to combat the rise in audience and inventory fragmentation.


Advertisers traditionally have very little control over online ad campaigns. That’s a mistake and why we let you determine targeting, inventory selection, placement and more. Choose specific sites or let us find the best location. Inventory can also be targeted by category.


Acquire individual impressions as they become available, instead of paying for large buckets of inventory you may not need or that may not fit with your brand. Learn more about the benefits of real-time bidding and real-time media buying.


What is retargeting? Powerful, that's what. Retargeting drives proven prospects back to your site. It precisely targets users who visit your site, spend time on a specific part of your site, or view/click your banner ads on another site. 


Extend your reach.  Reach your target audience, regardless what device they are on by incorporating a mobile advertising strategy.  Target users by behavior, content or even by a specific mobile device.


Increase click-throughs. Select prospects based on what they actually do online. This technique delivers display ads to audiences who are actively seeking your offerings or have a history of visiting websites of a similar content or topic to your product or service.


Capture attention. Category targeting places display ads on sites that are categorically relevant to your industry and customers’ interests. Examples include entertainment, technology, health and travel.


Target by keyword. Search retargeting targets user audiences based on previous keyword searches they conducted on search engines such as Google, Yahoo & Bing. This strategy provides a great one-two punch by aligning your search engine marketing (SEM) and display advertising.


Increase Engagement through High Impact Video Advertising. Capture the attention of your target audience through high-impact video advertising. Reach your target audience through in-banner video advertising or leverage our PreRoll video capabilities.


Go social. Extend your reach by leveraging our Facebook capabilities including retargeting. Leverage the worlds largest social media platform by advertising on the prestigious Facebook.com domain. 


Every customer is unique, so don't waste impressions with "one size fits all" ads. Our dynamic display ad technology shows ads that are personalized in real time to match each customer's interests. Targeting options include retargeting, income, contextual, geography etc..


The move to audio programmatic advertising comes at a time when the industry is seeing a significant shift in audio advertising techniques. Audio advertising is fraud protected, works well on mobile and in terms of reach is beginning to rival TV ads. Spotify, Podcasts, iHeartRadio are just the beginning to the opportunity.


Native advertising is a type of advertising that matches the function and form of the platform on which it appears. Although the definition may not be straight forward, there's no denying that native advertisements work. Native ads grab the attention of your audience, and this is crucial to the success of your business.


If you want to reach voters or gain maximize exposure for an issue, online advertising has the targeting capabilities to help goals be met and exceeded. ExactDrive provides professional creative design, a trustworthy ad platform, specific voter targeting, detailed analytics, and flexibility to adjust campaigns on a dime


At a basic level, a good way to describe programmatic advertising is as a way of targeting the type of audience you want to show your advertising. In programmatic media buying, you purchase advertising space using software that automates the optimization, placement, and purchase of media inventory through a bidding system.


Looking for answers or additional insight into all aspects of digital media buying and ExactDrive's buying platform? Visit our knowledge base, we are always happy to help and share our knowledge learned through years of digital media buying, thousands of campaigns and billions of impressions.



Gain Control.

Founded in 2008, ExactDrive designed and developed its real-time media buying ad platform to enable digital media buyers to evaluate, bid on and purchase ad inventory on an impression-by-impression basis. With real-time bidding, media buyers can drive meaningful one-to-one connections to consumers with greater scale, brand safety, results and efficiency.

Whether you want to raise awareness, incite action or open new channels, ExactDrive's managed services team works behind the scene to deliver results so you can focus on operational imperativesOur digital media buying and planning platform provides a turn-key solution to plan, traffic, manage, and analyze your online ad campaigns.

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