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Why Did My Creative Get Rejected?

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There are few technical requirements imposed on creatives by ExactDrive. As initial requirements, a single creative must render properly multiple times during the audit process, regardless of any parameter or restriction assigned to the creative. Therefore, frequency capping or geo-targeting set outside of ExactDrive will interfere with the audit process. Please have geo-targeting and frequency capping parameters from third party ad servers turned off during our audit process. The most popular IAB standard banner sizes ExactDrive works with are: 728x90, 300x250, 160x600 and 300x600.


  • The creative does not display at all
  • The creative has the wrong tag size
  • No privacy policy on landing page that requests personal identifiable information (PII)
  • The creative intermittently does not display
  • For expandable creatives or other creatives with interaction, the creative attempts the interaction but does not function properly.
  • The creative has multiple versions with different brands under a single ad tag
  • A single creative represents and clicks through to multiple different brands' landing pages
  • For video creatives, a pre-roll ad for a different brand plays before the actual offer
  • Creatives with multiple brands must link to landing page(s) having the same single consistent brand.
  • The creative is clicked and does not open a landing page
  • The creative is clicked and a landing page opens but no content loads
  • The creative does not display a brand
  • Clicking on an ad must not initiate a download of any type of file
  • The creative's landing page loads in the same page instead of opening a new window or tab
  • The creative loads the entire landing page into the frame
  • The creative has no discernible brand or offering
  • The creative displays a brand but it is not sufficient notification

What is "sufficient" notification?

When evaluating a creative for appropriate brand notification, Exact Drive looks for at least one of three things: a logo, a landing page URL, or a distinct brand name. If the only branding on the creative is a logo, then that exact logo must also be on the landing page to be sufficient. If the only branding on the creative is a landing page URL, then that must be the URL the creative has as its landing page.

'Distinct brand name' is sufficient notification in one of the following ways:

  • The brand name is not an actual word and when it appears on the creative it cannot be confused for other, non-branded text (e.g. Cygnas)
  • The brand name is a distinct set of actual words and the landing page exactly matches this and/or has a distinct, matching typeface as the creative (e.g. "The Best Wedding Music" goes to thebestweddingmusic.com and/or is written in red bold on both the creative and the landing page)
  • The brand that the creative displays and the brand of the landing page are not the same or related. This feedback is sometimes given as a result of geo-targeted landing pages. Please ensure the landing page is accessible from all Geos at the time of audit.

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