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Edit a Campaign

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To edit the details of an existing campaign please follow the below steps:

  • login to your account, which will bring you to your "Advertiser Dashboard".
  • to view current campaign details either click on the name of the advertiser or click the "View Campaigns" button next to the desired advertiser. This will bring you to your current list of campaigns for the current advertiser.
  • to view details of a specific campaign you then can either click on the name of the desired campaign or click the "View/Edit Campaign" button.
  • you can update any of the fields on the "Campaign Details" page, when finished click on the "Save" button. Clicking this button will update the details of the campaign and keep you on the same page.
  • If you click the "Save & Next" button you will be brought to the "Inventory" page.
  • If you decide you do not want to update any of the details for the campaign then click the "Cancel" button. Clicking this button will bring you back to your "Campaign Dashboard".

Note: Check out the ExactDrive Advertising Campaign Builder Playbook.




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