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Create an Advertiser

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An advertiser is an entity that displays its creatives on publisher web pages, generally to enhance brand awareness or induce users to make a purchase or take some other kind of action. Before you can start running campaigns and serving creatives on behalf of an advertiser, you must set up the advertiser itself. This page walks you through the process. Check out the ExactDrive Advertising Campaign Builder Playbook.

  • login to your account, which will bring you to your "Advertiser Dashboard".
  • click on the "create advertiser" button on the right-side.
  • fill out the fields within the "Basic Information" section, including advertiser's name, contact's name, contact's phone and contact's email. 
  • fill out the fields within the "Billing Information" section, including address, city, state or region and zip or postal code.

Note: Filling in these options are optional so if you do not have information for one of the fields it is okay, you can still create a new advertiser account.

  • click the "save" button, which will bring you back to your "Advertiser Dashboard" where you will see the new advertser you just created displaying in your list of advertisers.




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