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Create a Campaign

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A campaign is a concept with a lot of flexibility. In essence, it means "a specific advertising strategy," no matter how broad or narrow that strategy. For example, it could refer to a women's fall outerwear campaign, which uses a specific set of creatives and landing pages to target fashion forward women from age 25 to 45 (demographic targeting). Or you could break that campaign down into multiple campaigns, each focused on women with different income levels or geographic regions. This page walks you through the process. Check out the ExactDrive Advertising Campaign Builder Playbook.

  • login to your account, which will bring you to your "Advertiser Dashboard".

Note: You must have an advertiser setup before you can create a campaign for that advertiser. For details on how to create an advertiser please click here.

  • to view the current campaign list for an advertiser either click on the advertiser's name or click on the "view campaigns" button.
  • click on the "create campaign" button on the right-side.
  • fill out the fields within the "Basic Information" section, including campaign name, the start date, end date and any overall goal the campaign may have. The status of the campaign is active by default and you may use the "comments box" as a place to store references or notes to yourself about the campaign, which will not affect campaign delivery.
  • you can either click on the "Save" button, which will keep you on the same page but simply save the campaign or you can click on the "save & Next" button, which will bring you to the next page in the campaign's inventory process, the "Inventory" page.



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