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Canned Banners

Dynamic Display Advertising For Major Comparison Shopping Site

Api-Driven Dynamic Ad Creatives Experienced Performance Lift After Being Switched From Flash To Animated Html.

Our self-serve advertising platform with managed services provides a leading solution for advertising your brand online.

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A top price comparison website wanted to drive cost-effect and quality traffic to the retail websites of their merchant partners. Their api managed product catalog includes many strict rules and regulations in regards to how many calls per hour, cache rules and minimum products displayed per banner advertisement.

Campaign Challenges

This campaign presented several challenges that could only be solved by high-performing dynamic ad creative:

  • The products, prices, and retailers would be changing minute by minute.
  • This particular price comparison site features millions of distinct offers every day.
  • Every click would have to pass through its own unique click-tracking link, which would have to be encrypted on-the-fly.


API-drive dynamic ad creative: To meet the complex requirements of the campaign, Canned Banners developed dynamic display ad creative that would connect directly to the price comparison website’s API, pulling fresh products & offers 24x7. Canned Banners coupled their api-driven dynamic ad creative with Exact Drive's self-serve advertising platform.



A significant performance lift was experienced when utilizing HTML ad creative. Originally launched as Flash (SWF) ads, the creative was later switched to animated HTML. The animated HTML creative had the exact same animation and interactivity as the Flash ads, but the change in format allowed the campaign to expand to iPads, iPhones, and other ad inventory that prevents Flash ads from being seen. By updating the ad format to HTML and expanding the range of inventory on which the ads could be served, clickthrough rates doubled, which reduced the media spend needed to meet traffic objectives.


Dynamic Ad Technology



Canned Banners automates display ad design. Our self-serve tools give advertisers at all levels easy access to high-quality display ad creative. The Canned Banners API provides ad networks, agencies, and corporate advertisers with flexible development tools that transform display ad design from a costly bottleneck to a scalable, streamlined service. With our API, organizations can quickly deploy white-labeled ad design tools and power dynamic display ad creative.


"Over the past two years, Exact Drive has enabled Travel Leaders to increase brand awareness, improve the quality of sales leads, and maximize our online marketing budget through targeted, cost-effective advertising solutions."

– Ray Spann, 
Travel Leaders