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How Guerrilla Advertising Can Make You Famous

Posted by Adam Parikh

Dec 23, 2014 8:00:00 AM

Unconventional, whacky marketing tactics can have a massive impact. Guerrilla advertising is much like guerrilla warfare: placing ambushes, sabotages, raids and elements of surprise within the advertising industry. Despite it often being a low-cost tacticthat deliversmaximum results,it can be a risky business whenthe reputation if your brand is on the line. Guerrilla advertising undoubtedly provokes very strong opinions and emotional responses.

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Topics: Experiential Marketing, Guerrilla Adertising, Guerrilla Marketing, Social Experiments

More Experiential Marketing From Delites

Posted by Eric Greener

Dec 3, 2014 8:00:00 AM

You know you've created a winning advertising campaign when you can continue to use a theme over and over again. What this shows us is that it’s important to understand human psychology. We’re humans and we don’t like change. People love to see stories, characters and themes progress and develop - just think back to the Bisto family in the 80s.

On a crueler note, Delitesrecently showed how powerful advertising continuity can be. Back in 2012, they ran a very successful campaign that went viral, much to the envy of many a guerrilla marketer. The campaign was based around the theme: how far would you go for fantastic Delites? The premise was very simple – people had to do a variety of menial tasks to earn snacks.

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Topics: Advertising, Marketing Strategy, Experiential Marketing, Guerrilla Adertising, PR Stunts, Guerrilla Marketing

No Budget? No Excuse! Make Some Noise With Grassroots Marketing

Posted by Eric Greener

Nov 21, 2014 8:00:00 AM

For anyone starting a new business, marketing and advertising is essential. There’s no point having a fantastic product or service if no-one knows about it. And todays obsession with social media means that simple marketing strategies have never been more effective and the number of people you can reach out to is endless.

Most big companies have their own marketing teams and often they have huge budgets to utilize,but with start-ups it’s a completely different ball game. So, what do you do when you don’t have the funds or a marketing guru to help you? Just put your creative hat on and push your message across using Grassroots Marketing techniques.

Grassroots Marketing is a cost-effective way to reach your target audience using simple techniques like word-of-mouth, door-to-door sales, competitions - with your product or service forming the prize - and even guerrilla marketing strategies.

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Topics: Guerrilla Adertising, Guerrilla Marketing, Grassroots Marketing

Highlighting Your Mission With Social Experiments

Posted by Eric Greener

Oct 16, 2014 7:30:00 AM

If you saw a rack of refreshing beverages on a street corner with a sign that said,drop $1 in the box for a drink’, would you pay? This is the sort of moral conundrum posed by‘social experiment’ marketing, in which brands carry out experiments in a social environment to investigate how people react to certain situations.

Social experiments provide an ideal framework for guerrilla advertising, as they are cheap to stage, require little in terms of resources and have the potential to reach a huge number of consumers, by nature of being digital and shareableOften used by not-for-profit organizations to highlight a cause (Cause Related Marketing), this can be an extremely powerful way to communicate a message.

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Topics: Experiential Marketing, Guerrilla Adertising, Cause Related Marketing, Guerrilla Marketing, Ethics, Social Experiments

Don’t Press The Button! TNT Guerrilla Marketing

Posted by Adam Parikh

Sep 30, 2014 7:33:00 AM

When it comes to guerrilla marketing and experiential marketing strategies, there’s nothing quite like tapping into the human psyche and creating a bit of suspense. We love it. Marketing has to be engaging otherwise it’s failed, so creating something that’s very tempting (something you surreptitiously want your audience to do) might be the way to go.

Think back to Rowntree’s adverts in the 80s. They proudly claimed that it’s impossible to suck their sweets – you just have to chew them. And in more recent times, Derren Brown has made a career out of manipulating the (seemingly free) choices that we all have at our disposal. So when TV channel TNT placed a red button in a quiet square in Flanders, Belgium, they knew exactly what would happen. They could pretty much bank on someone pushing it,so they could do whatever they wanted - as it adhered to their tagline:

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Topics: Advertising, Experiential Marketing, Guerrilla Adertising, TNT, Guerrilla Marketing

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