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Posted by Tim Nichols on Jun 4, 2018 9:04:00 AM
Tim Nichols

ExactDrive is excited to be included in a recently article posted on Forbes.com.

When a company notices a sharp decline in its website traffic, the first instinct is likely to hit the panic button. And as their agency, you're probably on the receiving end of that call. While your client might be tempted to overcompensate with a website redesign or an influx of new content, it's important to first investigate the root cause of the traffic drop, and then respond accordingly.

From Google algorithm changes to coding errors, there are numerous potential reasons for a decline, and not all of them are necessarily a website owner's fault. We asked members of the Forbes Agency Council to offer some possible explanations, and what to help your client look for when investigating a dip in site visits. Their best answers are below.

Images courtesy of FAC members. Members of the Forbes Agency Council Weigh In.
Full article can be found here.

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