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Categorical Advertising: Best Site. Best Time.

Categorical advertising is a powerful way to capture the attention of existing and potential customers. Category targeting places display advertisements on websites that are categorically relevant to your industry and customers’ interests. It's the first cousin to behavioral targeting and another critical tool to put in your online advertising toolbox.



Our self-serve advertising platform with managed services provides a leading solution for advertising your brand online.

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Categorical Advertising

Lets Get Familiar With Categorical Advertising.

ExactDrive defines its available inventory (websites) into main categories and sub-level categories, following the categorical breakdown of the Interactive Advertising Bureau. Any categories (main or sub-level) can be included or excluded together within a campaign powered by ExactDrive's Advertising Platform. Examples include entertainment, technology, health and travel.

Categorical advertising gives advertisers the opportunity to advertise to people as they visit websites similar or related to their brand. The relationship between visiting a website you are interested in and seeing an advertisement for a related product or service can produce very exciting results. Capturing the attention of a person as they surf the Internet isn't easy. Categorical advertising is a powerful step in the right direction for accomplishing this goal. Available Categories

Overview Of Category Inventory Standards

ExactDrive invests significant resources toward the safety and quality of the inventory managed within our advertising platform. We monitor, both manually and automatically, inventory sources we make available and blacklists URLs that do not meet our inventory standards. The ExactDrive Audit Team regularly audits new inventory and reaudits existing inventory to apply categorization and metadata at the domain level.

Disclaimer: While we believe that our audited domains are of a high quality, the nature of the Internet is such that it makes this process very difficult and not fool proof. For questions about this, or to report miscategorized inventory, or inventory that should be banned under our blacklist criteria please contact us.